intensive assessment and treatment team

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
anyone had deals with these people?

spoke to gp about my son's anxiety and he said he would look into counsellor, but instead referred him to IATT

frankly not helping *my* anxiety levels....
Hi Ali,
No personal experience of IATT, but like you I'm always wary and want to find out as much as possible. I have googled them. I'm on my guard when I see mention of ATU's.

Is your son's anxiety severe, how does it affect him?

The Youngminds and Mind websites have lots of useful info.

not severe no, and no challenging behaviour at all, just he finds some situations and things difficult to cope with, and needs regular reassurance. He is improving all the time. but the situation being made harder by us suffering a recent loss.
What is his communication like? Would mainstream counselling be appropriate? I'm wondering if the GP referred your son to the IATT because he didn't really know where best to refer him? Some counsellors specialise or have a special interest in those with special needs, but this may not be available on the NHS.

Scope do a booklet ... 20LOSS.pdf which might or might not be appropriate.

I'm wondering if one of the charities found advise you of any help for him available locally, either a charity for the bereaved such as Cruse or a local hospice or one of the disability charities such as Mencap or Scope.

I think thats the point really.. the specialist mental health provision for people with LD is provided by the NHS by these people.. I guess that bit is ok.. its just everything else they do feels a bit ... full on and not about us. which is why I was asking if people had experience.