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Whole Block of Houses For People With Special Needs - Carers UK Forum

Whole Block of Houses For People With Special Needs

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
An interesting one ... this morning's Yorkie Post :

https://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpr ... -1-9217698

Plan to create new street for people with special needs.

A street designed for people with special needs is being planned for Knottingley, which could create up to 50 jobs.

An application submitted to Wakefield Council shows blueprints for 10 homes on land off Simpsons Lane to allow people with “complex” needs to live independently.

The site sits next to a storage yard and the plans show a series of semi-detached two-bedroom homes, plus a separate staffing building to provide round-the-clock assistance.

Submitted by Millennium Care Services Ltd, development manager Stephen Drewitt said: “Many of the people will be vulnerable and will have lived in long-stay hospital settings for a number of years.

“This will give many people their first chance to experience what it is like to live in an ordinary home in an ordinary community.

“Millennium Care Services intend to employ up to 50 people to support this development.”

Simpson's Lane ... fare old trot to the nearest major supermarket ... 2 bus routes ... both once a hour jobs ... up to 6 pm ... one only running on a very limited sevice on Sundays and public holidays.

At face value , to be encouraged ... especially if the support service is also there , on site.

However , segregation ... a row of houses with people with special needs ... isolated from the general public ... with possible degrading overtones from some in the community ?

I hope the LA won't make the mistake of painting all the front doors the same colour... different meanings on different manors but ... what would that signify to you ?

I like the " All under one roof " type arangement ... especially if extended to whole communities as seen in places like Florida for the elderly ( Albeit RICH elderly people ) BUT ... I cannot adjust to the practical problem of human nature , and the continuing way those with more needs than others are being isolated from everyone else.

As I said , an interesting one ...

Be interested in BB's thoughts and other regular posters on the forum.


" Special needs ? " ... I have always prefered " People with more needs than others " ... ?
In our area, a similar thing is happening. A LD day centre in New Milton which won design awards when built, it's shape is best described as like the Isle of Man symbol, separate wings with a central core, has been knocked down, replaced with several blocks of flats for those with profound needs moving back into the area from long stay hospitals. It's all been very secretive, especially the allocation process, finally at a meeting I asked how many people would be moving their from their parents homes locally? None. There are very many parent carers who are now pensioners, all desperate to see their adult son or daughter with LD settled, so the parent can effectively retire from caring, knowing their child is well looked after.
New Milton , Hampshire County Council ?

Fernmount Centre ?

Fernmount House ... appears to have been closed in past 2 years ... indication of protests as recorded locally.

Centre replacing House ?

http://www.bestcarehome.co.uk/services/ ... ount-house

Apologies if wrong ... best match from local search.
Absolutely right. Now they are using a building next to the Library. It is difficult to think of a more unsuitable place. A wedge shaped piece of land with main roads either side, coming up to a T junction, with a roundabout only a few yards away with another T junction just beyond! It lacks many of the facilities of Fernmount of course, but it's supposed to be just a "base".
Fernmount House provides a service for five adults with a learning disability.

One bed is kept for emergency placements, but the other four offer short stay breaks.

The home is owned by Hampshire County Council and managed by Mrs. Lynne Chessell.

Accommodation is provided on two floors of a large family house.

There are five single bedrooms, one of which may accommodate a service user who also has a physical disability. This room has an en suite bathroom and a hoist system.

Communal space comprises a large lounge and dining room.

The home is situated in the grounds of a Local Authority day service for people with a learning disability.

It is close to New Milton, shops, local amenities and public transport.

On the day of the inspection the manager advised the inspector that service users funded by Hampshire County Council would undergo a financial assessment to determine the charge made to an individual.

For service users who are self-funding or being funded through another local authority the weekly fee is £798

( £1,013 per week at 2018 prices ! )

Extracts from inspection reports are licensed from CQC. This page was updated from CQC on 09/07/2009.

Article from the Daily Echo . 10 February 2011 :

A BATTLE is looming over plans to shut a respite home that provides vital breaks to people who care for those with learning disabilities in the New Forest.

Fernmount House is a five bedroom respite care unit in the grounds of New Forest Day Services at the Fernmount Centre off Violet Lane, New Milton.


In a bid to cut costs, Hampshire County Council is consulting about closing Fernmount House and providing respite services at one of three centres across the county, or alternatively providing a “personal budget” for carers to buy respite and the rest of their support package.

Both options concern some patients, many of whom are elderly, as they worry about having to travel long distances or organise private respite facilities.

As well as the potential closure of Fernmount House, the county council could relocate New Forest Day Services to another site in the locality.

Friends of Fernmount chairman Ron Harris, 89, is strongly opposing the scheme.

“I think it’s a foregone conclusion that they want to close it down and sell the whole site,” he said.

In a letter, adult social care councillor Felicity Hindson said: “Whilst proposals may include the relocation of New Forest Day Service building, there is no intention to end the service itself and we wish to maintain a service and base around the New Milton area.”

She also says services need to be relocated in modern fit-for-purpose venues, suitable for people with complex needs and more integrated in the community.

Mr Harris said: “My main concern is that whatever they do, I want to retain a day service centre and a respite centre for use in the local area, and that they won’t be able to find a site in this area.

“They need continuity of service and need to mix with their own kind.”

He will tell the council he knows of no suitable plot and that with reorganisation and extensions to the existing buildings, the Fernmount site would be able to provide for all of the service users.