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Positive Carers' Assessment Outcomes - Carers UK Forum

Positive Carers' Assessment Outcomes

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
Hi all,

I'm looking for personal and positive outcomes of carers assessments amongst family carers of adults with learning disabilities. Some of you may already know about the Family Carers Support Service at Hft (if not see link below!). We regularly provide Care Act workshops for family carers and I'd like to provide some positive examples of carers assessments - however big or small the result was! If anyone can get in touch either on here, or via email to familycarersupport@hft.org.uk, that would be great :)

If you would be happy to provide some background information about you/ the person you care for/ the things you do for that person/ etc., that would be really helpful! I can change names to anonymise stories, but the accounts would be shared with family carers at our workshops - so please ensure that you're okay with this before sharing with us!

We provide free telephone and email support/ information for family carers of adults with learning disabilities. So do contact us (see numbers below) if you're struggling with anything regarding yourself, as a family carer, or the person that you care for. (Remember you do not need to be a direct relative to be considered a family carer.)

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Best wishes,

Kelly Jones, Family Carer Supporter

Freephone: 0808 801 0448

Admin: 0117 906 1751

Website: http://www.hft.org.uk/Supporting-people ... t-Service/
Kelly, I've cared for FIVE very close adult relatives, at one time all at the same time. In 37 years I have never received ANYTHING at all. Why not look at how the LA likes to avoid paying a bean, instead?!
Hi bowlingbun,

I'm really sorry to hear that - it is extremely disheartening that in reality carers get very little (if any) recognition for their caring role. Have you had a carer's assessment recently? The law changed in 2014 (as you probably already know), so carers are better recognised and the eligibility criteria is more generous. Fortunately there are good outcomes of carers assessments, and we'd encourage everyone to have one - carers are also entitled to yearly reviews. We'd just like to hear from some other family carers that we don't already support :)

Sorry you've had such a negative experience; I appreciate your reply none-the-less. But do call us on 0808 801 0448 if you'd like any support or additional info.

Best wishes,

Kelly. You are asking one of most knowledgeable people on the forum. She along with others ask the question you've just asked!! I certainly do not mean this statement in a disrespectful way. Far from it.
Apologies BB if this has embarrassed you.
I asked for an updated Carers Assessment in December 2015, finally done about May, very poorly written, I refused to sign it, and asked for someone different to do an entirely new one, which wasn't much better, and still no recommendations for any help whatsoever. I've had six operations in recent years, had two relatives die in the last three years. I've had to empty and sell two houses. One had six vintage motorbikes in a million bits, and a 1956 Chevrolet with no bonnet wheels or suspension in situ.
Immediately afterwards, I had so start emptying and selling my mum's house after she went into hospital, then a nursing home. In between mum and I were bullied by health and social services!!!! They wanted her out of hospital at any cost to us, even sent a hospital bed round to mum's house when I said she wasn't going home again. When I didn't attend to let it in, the ward sister said if I didn't let it in, she'd do it with the key in mum's purse. I said that wouldn't do her any good as mum had an inner front door which only I had a key to, and I would make absolutely certain it was permanently locked!!
Mum had over 60 dining chairs, 10 dining tables, 10 sideboards crammed full, etc. etc., emptying her house took a year. All whilst I was also caring for my son with severe learning difficulties and recovering from two knee replacements, advised never to care again after life saving surgery!!!
In the last year I've had a lot of counselling at £30 at time, no money forthcoming for that. I desperately need to lose the weight I put on when unable to walk properly for 5 years, asked for gym membership, nothing forthcoming for that either. My son had a DP award which amounted to nearly £900 a week. I was told I could not use any of the money to pay myself for the care I gave, even when he was with me 24/7. I asked for DP's for myself as I had a large package of care to administer. "We don't do that" was the reply. I'd been told when first in receipt of DP's that an agency would deal with all payments to all care providers. Untrue, they would pay the PA but not the care agency or the three other day service providers. Ultimately, I said I didn't want to deal with DP's any more. My son is now in receipt of commissioned care, dom care element reduced from 34 to 27 hours a week. Requests for an explanation ignored! I warned the LA and care provider that I wouldn't be in the UK during May. Bags packed, ready for the taxi to take me to the airport, when an email arrived. No care arranged for the next weekend. On holiday, trying to get away from it all, a care worker sent me five emails about my son's lawn mower cable!!!
I feel abused.
Hi bowlingbun,

It sounds like you've been through absolute hell, and still are. We often liaise with social services and advocate on the behalf of family carers, so do consider calling us as we can (and do) help.

Take care of yourself.

Kelly ... I've asked for and got a couple of Carers assessments and they're not worth the paper they're written on in my opinion. Anything I mentioned that would help me wasn't available apparently.

I am sure I've posted about this before but can't find it right now.
This is a Bristol based service, so I guess it it only for English carers?