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For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
My disabled daughter who is 22 has convinced herself she can live away from home. She is about to sign for a flat this afternoon. She is currently on benefits doing permitted work which is making her worse but she is so stubborn and thinks she knows best. We have had so many arguments over this and thinks I am trying to hold her back but I can see the bigger picture and know this is going to end badly and then I will get the blame for letting her do it. Arrgh any advice helpful.
What is the nature of her disability? If she has learning disabilities, does she have "mental capacity". If not, then I believe any contract she enters into is automatically null and void.
I'd support her in doing it, she will learn for herself if it works or not. Just let her know you are there for support and that she can return if she needs to.
It's part of growing up, hard for any Mum
She may pleasantly surprise you, which is good
If she fails, you were right which is also good, so it's a win/win for you

You will always be her Mum whatever happens
Good point Mrs. A. My son has severe learning difficulties, but lives in his own flat with carer support. He's 38. He was brain damaged at birth, can't read, write or do any maths, but other things he can do perfectly well.
He keeps his flat spotless and really tidy. Far better than my own place if I'm honest. He used to share a cottage, but the others never respected his things. He loves having total control. I was very anxious when he first moved in, but he proved himself.
Thankyou I am worried about her as she tends to be manipulated a lot by people. She doesn't see what we see and thinks she is helping people. She has a lot of problems as she was born premature and although she is academically good her knowledge of worldly issues is limited. She just thinks she knows it. She has mental health issues too which are difficult to deal with. Will have to see what happens I guess. X
Hi Lisa
Have you contacted youngminds for support ... t_helpline
They are the experts and can see what extra support she may need.

Have you done practical things like make sure you either have her finances going into trust or have poa so she doesn't get financially scammed ?

I had assumed it was more physical disability. She may need more day to day support but I still think supported indepence should be encouraged
Good luck