Need help how get disability documented

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
I care for a family member have been since a child. My auntie have cerabl palsy and learning difficulties she been refused pip her learning difficulties not really documented but they are serious she can't read or write need help shopping, cleaning, money, cooking est how do I get learning disabilities documented
Hi Naomi,
how old is your auntie? What was her schooling? (Does she have any old documentation from her old school?

Why not ask her GP if there is a formal diagnosis on her medical records? Likewise ask social services if there is anything on her social care file.

If not, then you'd need to ask for her to be referred to the learning disability team, so that she can be formally accessed.

45 and when the special boarding school my grandmother died and cant find any information regarding her schooling or statement of special Ed
I can't get careers allowance but she take up about 40 hours of my week making appointments taking her to appointments bills shopping cooking cleaning I can't cope much longer I work part time 10 to 15 hours a week but don't earn enough if I get full time job what happen to her if she can't even get pip she won't get hell

She been put on job seekers I now got to go up there to fill in and do job searches as she incapable and take job center as she can't understand a word that saying to her 5-6 days of my week with her

Stressed and at wit end
Naomi, I have a son with severe learning difficulties, now aged 37. He can't read, write or do any maths, in fact as far as many things are concerned, he has a mental age of 3-4, but because he's brain damaged, some bits work better than others.
I realised that as I'd never live forever, so I needed to help my son move out and have his own home, and his own friends, and his own life. It's been a gradual process, and I've given him lots of support, but he now has a lovely flat which he loves. He goes to day services every weekday, and has support every weekend to go out and about. it sounds like the time has come for you to explore what is available to your auntie so you can both have some life of your own.
Start by asking Social Services for a Needs Assessment, and a Carers Assessment for yourself. The Needs Assessment should include a "Mental Capacity Assessment". That sounds scary, but it's usually just someone talking gently to your auntie, with questions to see what she understands. Once this is done, you should have the evidence you need.
However, it should have been blindingly obvious to whoever assessed her, that she had severe learning difficulties. I would ask DWP to do an URGENT reassessment of her capabilities. You don't need any paperwork to give an official name to a disability, it's how her condition affects her ability to live a normal life that matters.
Thanks that helpfull
Naomi, Was your relative ever put on the Disability Register, either when she was a child or as an Adult? She should have been one would have thought.