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Not happy with this - Carers UK Forum

Not happy with this

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
Regulars will know my LD/ASD daughter has moved out after 37 years to live with her boyfriend.

We have been assigned a student social worker which I am not happy with and I said I wanted a qualified social worker from the start.

She tells me that any correspondence from SS will now go direct to my daughter. Yesterday it was a 41 page document! I explained that she could not read a page let alone 41 pages but she is insisting this is how it has to be in future as my daughter is independent. I took this up with her supervisor and she backed her up. Their argument is that even thought she can’t read it she has got to learn to keep all post and show it to me. What sense does that make. I asked if she could send me a copy of all letters too but she says she can’t.

Bowlingbun is usually very good at this sort of question, if you are around?
As far as I know if your daughter signs to say you can have a copy. Of all her correspondence from Social Services. Of course if there information about your daughters boyfriend. He will also have to give his consent.

Sharing information with carers, family or friends

It is good practice, unless there are clear reasons for not doing so, to work with the carers, family and friends of an individual to help them to get the care and support they need. Sharing information with these people should always be with the consent of the individual. If the person lacks the mental capacity to make a decisions about sharing information with key people, then the Mental Capacity Act should be followed to ensure each decision to share information is in the person’s best interests. Decisions and reasoning should always be recorded.

Social Services should be advising you on what options are available to you.
S puts anything 'boring' addressed to him in the bin/recycling if I'm not careful. A 41 page social service document would definitely be classed as boring.

This maybe of help https://www.skillsforcare.org.uk/Learni ... ilies.aspx especially as you are dealing with a student and her supervisor.

I'm sure the Care Act will have useful content on this too.