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Information about learning difficulties - Carers UK Forum

Information about learning difficulties

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
Hi my son has learning difficulties as well as other problems (too many to list). He is waiting for one-to-one support at school but the school have told me that he will not get statemented under these grounds. I find this very upsetting as he will not get a lot of help when he is due to leave school for secondary school (in a year). We have been told that for everyday he is at school he will fall even more behind with his learning. My question is can he get a statement for his learning difficulties on these grounds as well as his other problems?

Thanks Amanda.
Hi Amanda,

Has he had a statutory assessment by the local authority?

If not, you can request one. If he has and you disagree with it, you can request a re-assessment. There are strict legal time frames for all of this. Whether or not your son gets a statement depends on his assessment.

I would strongly advise you visit the IPSEA website for more information, they also run a helpline and offer email advice.

Let us know how you get on.

I have seen on the councils website that I can ask for an assessment is that the same?
Contact an organisation called IPSEA, who are specialists in this field. They were wonderful when I was battling to get a statement. Good luck.
I thought I ought to check for current information on IPSEA, just to make sure they still exist. Just googled them, it's a really good website, complete with sample letters to send to Education. I can never manage links, but I hope someone else will put one on for me!
My grandson aged 4, has just been granted a "note in lieu" instead of a statement. I don't even understand that.My daughter is going to see what happens,as there are recommendations in it,and ask for another assessment if she thinks he is not getting the support he needs.
Amanda, good luck with trying to get a statement.
Lazydaisy, That's an odd term. Couldn't they find any English term for it?!