Help re. cross county border opportunities for my learning disabled brother

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Looking for advice .... we are moving home to Staffordshire in 2 weeks time, and my 55 year old learning disabled brother who gets support for & paid for by Cumbria social services will be coming with us. Our house is in a village 2 miles from Ashbourne, which is in Derbyshire. Ashbourne is the local town that is used for everything, to shop, visit the doctor, etc. But our house is 100 yards across the county boundary in Staffordshire. I've tried approaching Staffordshire social services, but they won't deal with us until we've been there for 6 weeks. I understand that eventually Staffordshire will be required to fund my brother, but ideally he would access day centres, clubs etc in Ashbourne ... will that be possible?
Hi Sheila

to be honest I don't have an answer for you, but I would have thought that at some stage Staffordshire might require some kind of referral/confirmation from Cumbria regarding your brother's needs. So perhaps if you rang the Cumbrian team they would be able to advise you ?

Alternatively try contacting our Adviceline team -
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The new authority is supposed to provide the same level of care immediately, until they have done their own needs assessment. I can't remember whereI've read this though, probably buried somewhere in the care act. You may well have problems unless you ring the CUK helpline to get the exact details, as what the Act says and what happens in reality may be different! I also live near a county boundary, son with LD in the other county in residential care, Social worker had to get special approval to cross the county boundary in his car!
I would suggest that you talk to your key worker at Cumbria CC, and ask them if they can give you some summary of what they do, and their name and contact details. So the new county can contact the Cumbria team for any help
I would challenge that 6 week time delay. It sounds like a typical social services "fob-off". Excuse to me
Google "cross border assessment of carers" and you will find an interesting article about the law, statutory guidance, and the differences between carers assessments and caree assessments, which I never realised were different!! The article/policy is written by ADASS - Association of Directors of Social Services no less.
Thanks to all who have replied. I've taken in all you have said, which has been very helpful, and done a bit of Googling.
We have already been officially referred-through from Cumbria social work dept. to Staffordshire, our new one. Staffordshire say they have yet to receive his care plan and his personal assessment from Cumbria, so that will go to them tomorrow.
In addition to the issue about cross-border care, which I have more work to get to the bottom of, it seems to me that Staffordshire were trying to get out of their immediate legal obligation under the 2014 Care Act to provide my brother with continuity of care when we turn up on their doorstep a week next Tuesday. So I'll be back on their case tomorrow. Wish me luck.
Try to get hold of the Guidance Notes to that Act you mentioned, and demonstrate to them that you will not be Fobbed off by spurious and misleading objections and time wasting delaying tactics they may. Advance.
Good luck with it all, come back here whenever you want for support.