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Colin, what a council should do, and will do, are entirely different, in my county anyhow. This week I took M on holiday. When we went to the bank to get a mini statement, I found that on one day alone more than his entire weekly income was spent, frittered away on things which really were not necessary at all. One member of staff, who should be cooking my son a good wholesome meal, prefers to take him to a restaurant instead to save her the bother!!!
BB does this member of staff have her own meal at your son's expense? Even more abusive if she does!
BB does all his income come from the DWP?

Can you ask them to investigate how the money is used? Or can you request the bank to place restrictions on the amount withdrawn on each day?
This morning, I dropped a new chest of drawers off at M's flat, and met his support worker. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! It turns out this man is a chartered accountant from Zimbabwe, and apparently he's been writing to the care agency himself to express deep concerns about the money records. He wasn't aware that M had an English Heritage membership card, and was delighted to hear I renewed M's National Trust membership, as visiting places like that, and steam railways etc. was right up his street!!!! He's been supporting M as he's been doing a retraining course. He has quite an unusual history, but then so have I, and we got on really well.
Tomorrow I'm going to ring the agency and ask them to put him in charge of M's money management.
BB that's such good news!! The agency surely will be pleased that he is a member of staff who will enjoy taking M out to appropriate places ( not shops!). ((( Hugs)))
Hi BB did you know you can get an Access for all Admit one card from National Trust
this card admits the holder's essential companion or carer free of charge to National Trust places (and also to the National Trust for Scotland) for which there is normally a charge.
they have just sent me one :) Looking forward to the Roses at Mottisfont :)
Yes thank you, that's what M had last year. We had a lovely day at the Dinosaur Museum on the Isle of Wight last week, with reduced admission. The Roman Villa museum at Brading also gave us a substantial discount. The Isle of Wight Railway didn't!!