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M was brain damaged at birth, can't read, write, or do any maths, but manages to live alone with carer support BUT he needs care staff to manage his money for him. Every single care provider he's had say it's fine, they can do that, and then muck it all up. This has been going on for years but the LA have chosen to regard me as the problem, rather than the care provider, because the LA doesn't have the systems in place or the staff qualified to deal with my complaints, whereas I've managed the accounts for a hospital and now have a degree in Business Studies. The LA have "opted out" saying they didn't commission the services concerned (ILF funded initially, then Direct Payments), so in the end, I've given up the DP's, and M has been receiving "commissioned services" during that time. Once again, many assurances, copy of the mental capacity sent, accepted - crucially the MCA laid down exactly how his money should be managed on a day to day basis.
I took M back to his flat this afternoon, via the bank for a mini statement. He had a healthy balance two weeks ago, now less than £70 left. Lots of money spent which didn't comply with the MCA, so then I went to check the money sheets. All I could find were empty sheets, and a huge pile of receipts - supposed to be written up every day and stapled to the relevant sheet, reconciled with the bank statement every week. I'm so, so fed up with all this. I really don't want to spend the rest of my life like this - surely 10 years is long enough!?
I'm trying to think what else to suggest. Have you tried placing an order with a shop like Tescos for a regular food delivery order. If you can work out how often the basics last and set up some kind of regular order so they don't have to keep running out for the usual essentials?
Oh BB, so sorry this has happened YET AGAIN. Can you see what the money has been spent on? Is it worth getting a solicitor involved? Sue the care company for misappropriation/misuse of funds or something? A threat of such might be enough. I can tell you are so MAD and so would I be. It just is not good enough.
E xx
Oh BB. 10years is too long!.I don't know what to say except that it doesn't seem like a difficult task for them to collate receipts on a daily basis? Am not very familiar with this situation at the moment. May have to be. Can't be good for your health though and you've had it tough to say the least. Can't offer much support ( as you do to me) but an definitely on your side and angry for you xx
Thanks to all, I've calmed down a bit now. I can't see how the LA could have given a monopoly to the company without first checking that they had forms which complied in every respect with the Department of Health guidance on the subject, called "My Money Matters", and they had cast iron systems in place to make sure the right forms were filled in properly. I can forgive occasional mistakes, but to not even put M's name at the top of the form is simply incredible. I decided not to write to the LA tonight, but to send a more calm and collected complaint tomorrow.
I always think it's better to write the next day or at least read through and check the next day before posting, when complaining.

This whole money thing is a nightmare. M can't be the only person in supported living who needs help with finances.

Exactly, Melly. I sent an email to SSD this morning - after a restless night! I asked SSD to sort it out with the care provider as SSD had commissioned their service. If the care plan wasn't being followed they had to sort it out.

I have made a series of formal complaints about the money management concerning the last FIVE care providers. All I want is for his money to be managed in accordance with "My Money Matters" and his Mental Capacity Assessment, which was very specific. The MCA was done in an attempt by the area manager to force me to give up M's appointeeship, to shut me up, but the MCA's independent assessment of M's abilities and what was needed, coincided exactly with everything I'd been saying for years (much to my delight of course).
Hi BB, and all, I am new to the forum but have been a carer for 24 years for my daughter who has L/D and Epilepsy. Reading your post stirred feelings of anxiety in me because I too have concerns about my daughters contribution to shared house and how it is being spent. K, my daughter has lived in S/L for 3 years due to my health issue's but she still comes home for 2 nights at the weekend, so I am still her carer. Any care provider spending money on behalf of service users/clients should have a robust and transparent system in place so that any interested party may inspect them and understand accounts, with no hesitation from the care provider . However, in reality this rarely is the case. I , along with other parent representatives where my daughter shares her house, are in the process of challenging the care provider because it has become evident that staff are buying their refreshments out of the shared house pot. This wouldn't be so bad except that we have now witnessed them cooking their own meals , including Sunday roast! Care provider refuse point blank to show shopping bill receipts to prove that staff are NOT using the clients money !!!!!!
I used to be a County Councillor and our Internal audit section would have a regular programme of visiting IL homes.

What name is. On the accounting sheets and whore the signatories allowed o withdraw money?

Phone up Internal Audit of the council and seek their advice on what you should do next
That should have said whose. And not what I'd did say sorry