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is anybody listening

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
Morning All,

I was diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder and other mental health issues in 2003-4ish, I am a parent / carer for my son who has a diagnosis of Combined ADHD, ODD, learning difficulties, dyslexia and severe behavioural problems and he also wets the bed, he is now 10yrs old, I have had a 9yr battle with social services to access services for my son and have now got an SEN for my son, he is now in an out of county school and caters only for children like my son and others with learning difficulties, this is his 3rd and last school hopefully, he has these diagnosis and recieves medication 5 times a day, he has a psychiatrist and that is it. I am still fighting for anger management, behaviour modification and family therapy.

In the early part of 2008, I was visited by my CPN's manager, who stated that I looked like I am coping and wanted to discharge me. By the september of 2008 I had been discharged from my CPN-who id had support from for 3yrs and she came to my home to visit every 2 weeks-reason being 'i looked like I was coping. I was discharged also from my psychologist who was about to start CBT with me- I was informed that I was too committed to my son to be of any help at the present time and my psychiatrist discharged me due to me missing an appointment - I rang to cancel this appointment due to my son starting his councilling on the same day.

I used everyone I could, GP, FMHAS and myself to re-referr me but they wouldn't listen to me.

Earlier this yr, I was informed that the mental health team 's manager has said and I quote 'She has not got bipolar! She may be a little depressed as she cannot parent her child but then their are plenty of parenting groups out there in the community'.

I have proof of my diagnosis which the mental health team don't reaslise and I do want to take this matter further, I don't think this should be happening in 2010. But then us carers aren't really given a second thought by anyone, least of all by the 'proffessionals'.
Listening yes, thats what we are all here for.
But from what I know about mental health issues, whilst there may never be a complete cure, most people do get ill and then get better over time: also doctors do disagree a lot about diagnosis because there isnt a "litmus" test - it depends on a range of clinical observations and most psychs dont agree on what these signify in a particular case. You are a person, not a label! Of course, you are perfectly entitled to ask your GP to obtain for a second opinion if in doubt. Hope that helps.
Thank you for your reply, it's the fact they lied and gave out information without 1st consulting me, I mean if you cant trust ur psychiatrist, there is something wrong somewhere.
Thank you -x-
If you have any way to prove the comments about the team manager, you could make a complaint with the help of an advocate.
I am making a complaint about the whole thing and I have the FMHAS helping and also I have a solicitor to help me if the advocacy pull out for any reason.
I have proof of these diagnosis but it is in a letter from my ex-CPN but it is signed and dated. The letter I received from my GP which came from my psychiatrist only had 1 page, the 2nd page was missing and the letter contained nothing but lies, after 2 yrs nearly of trying to get the 2nd page, I received the 2nd page but it was without a signature, unusual for a proffessional not to add a signature.
I have been put on so many different types of medication for bipolar and in 2005 I suffered a seizure and had to go to hospital. All I remember was waking up asking where were my children and this nurse pinning me down on the bed stating if I didn't shut up she would have me committed! She stated I had taken an overdose which I knew I hadn't and I had to wait for the results of some blood tests before I was allowed home, these didn't come through until the next day. It came back that the seizure was due to a mixture of tablets that I had been perscribed for bipolar NOT an overdose. The hospital let me go home but didn't give me my tablets back 2 days later I had a nervous breakdown.
Also, Im on tablets for bipolar now where I need a blood test every 6 months and Ive not had 1 for about 4yrs.

So, I do need to complain, but im complaining to NHS.
Thank you for ur comments though I am very grateful -x-