Court of Protection

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
Have a look at the Care Act. It says something to the effect that an advocate can be appointed WHERE THERE ISN'T A FAMILY MEMBER ... So clearly you ARE a family member and should be involved. Google should find the relevant section for you. I'd print it off, and a copy for the care provider!
If the situation continues, then contact Social Services.
thank you .... but i can't find the relevant
bit google is rubbish :lol: not the bit that can tell them i can be there
Bit late this evening, but I'll try and find it tomorrow morning - unless someone else knows where it is in the meantime. ... re-act.asp

(Wide awake at 3.30 in the morning, waiting for pain killers to kick in after dental work, wondering what to do, so finding this was a welcome distraction!)
thank you so much i will now print this document off and staple it in their files ... :evil:
and i hope your better soon
kind regards :D
Use the link I put on earlier to look at the position of an advocate. Again, clearly you are a family member, and he has a right to representation. CQC should be informed if the money situation is not "transparent". Can I ask if you pay the mobility component directly to the home? When my son was in residential I was told to stay as appointee, and to manage the money myself, as much as possible. My son has SLD, limited capacity, in supported living. I give him £100 a week for food and entertainment, and then manage the utility bills etc. myself. One of the key issues with supported living is that everyone should be having their own food etc. Money should not be going into a communal "pot".
i remain in charge of my daughters budget (even though i have been " bullied by county hall and the person who reviewed her budget) to go to a pre loaded card !!!! she lives at home with me and engages in a service 2 days aweek and its this service that is being a pain not letting me in meetings and trying to influence her decisions but thanks to you i feel i have more power to ignore them even though they took her in the office for a " chat" then put her on the telephone to ss saying that she didn't want what i was asking for ... this battle i won but not sure i will ever trust this service again and its a shame as she had such a positive time there on the whole .. oh well on wards and upwards let the next battle commence :D
What a cheek!!! I hadn't realised was living with you, so of course you should be her advocate. I've met so many care providers who seem to think they know so much more than I do about my son after a week of caring for him.
:D cheeky lot ain't they but ..... knowledge is power so thank you