Christmas present ideas please 37 with SLD

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
Gifts? Wot about a Virgin experience day? One for his brother too so they could go do something together.

SWimming lesson course? Salsa or Zumba dancing classes? Any musical interests? Guitar? Keyboard?

A pet to care aquarium or vivarium to set up and take an interest in?

Decent little camera?

iPad would be great if someone could help him choose apps......and Siri might be helpful to him. Bit outside budget but maybe shared with his brother contributing?

OR ..... ....think back to say last six gifts you gave him ( Chrostmas,irthdays etc) and if anything really pleased him why not duplicate it?

Will return if I think of any more.
Thanks for all the suggestions DIR. I was really trying to find something for M to do when alone for long periods in his flat. However, the idea of an "Experience Day" made me look at miniature railway where he's passed as a volunteer. They do "Driving Experience" days, and I know he would absolutely love that - especially as he can drive my 10 ton steam roller already. The ED involves spending a day at the railway, including driving a locomotive round the track. The driving instructor rides in the wagon behind, and he can take up to 6 members of his family who can ride too (no members of the public involved). It's much cheaper than the equivalent "day" on a full size railway too. A friend of ours used to drive a loco on Swanage Railway, so we were once treated to a free footplate ride there, which we both enjoyed.