Christmas present ideas please 37 with SLD

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I'm really struggling this year to think of decent presents for M, to use when he is alone in his flat. All ideas welcome. He has an ancient Nintendo "Cube" with some games he enjoys, but technology has moved on since then. His hand/eye coordination is quite good but he can't read, write, or do any maths. In some areas his mental age is around 3, however he can safely fire up and drive a 10 ton steam roller, remembering which valve does what. He doesn't have the internet at his flat, and I don't want to install it. He's already complaining about the time staff are spending on their mobile phones, if they had free wifi then they'd be using it.
Ideally I'm looking for something around the £100 mark, but might pay more if it was really good.
BB. Tesco have a hand held game console. Reviews sat 5 year old boy loves it. Nintendo Mario.
The number is
504 3840. Just under £80 with a carry case. Just a thought xx
Thanks, I'll have a look at that.
Surely the care workers would only be able to access his wifi on their devices, (if he had it,) if they knew the password?
My class of 7 to 11 year old (all have ASD and SLD ) cannot read or write, but can use an iPad/ tablet, to use YouTube and games.

Good thinking Melly. Our Sky box has the password on the side of the router, but I could always get round that.
Even if you could keep the password secret, I'd still be concerned the support workers would use whatever device you got him. Might be worth getting a tablet set up for children and then disabling internet access. You could then load it up with downloads whenever he visits you.
How dreadful. Having to be steps ahead of care workers using M's property!
I'm seriously thinking of getting a covert camera. M has three hours a night for staff to do activities with him. They just write in the diary "M says he is too tired" and frequently they cook a double size meal so they only have to cook alternate nights. Do they use the second night to go for a walk, the gym, a swim (rec. centre just down the road), a bike ride? No, they go and have a cigarette in the garden, or have "social time" at the flat, or play with his train set. There's a miniature steam railway nearby, he's been approved as a volunteer but they won't take him. It's really upsetting both of us now. I'm really stirring up trouble now, but why should I have to? Last week, for the first time in ages, he went to the local club for people with LD, 7-9pm. Hours rearranged accordingly, but staff made him leave at 8pm as she was worried about driving home when it was frosty.
Lazy sods!! It could be such an enjoyable time with M. Bikes and the miniature railway etc. Suppose they don't bother to encourage. Suits them.
I don't blame you about the camera.
How rotten, making him leave a social club early.
The silliest thing is that the County pay them £42 for 3 hours for him to get a warmed up meal. Money would be better spent on a taxi to a local pub that did meals. At least then he'd have some company and some good food.