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Can social services do this ? - Carers UK Forum

Can social services do this ?

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
Hi, my brother is a 52 year old downes syndrome man, my question is can Social Services make him go to a day centre, the thing is they made me go to this day centre to see it, the social worker introduced me and stated to the staff that i am interested in my brother attending there, i put them straight and said NO i,m not interested, and my brother does,nt want to go either and i stressed we were being forced into this situation, now i,ve got a date to go and sign papers for him to go, once again they sent me a text about the appointment, stating / inferring its what i had asked for, can they do this, much needed advice needed please.
Hi Julie,

It is a disabled person's right to be assessed for a personal budget and to choose how and where to spend their budget (e.g. your brother could use the money to pay for a care worker to take him out and about or spend time doing activities with him at home etc A personal budget can be used towards financing support for independent living.

Now I may be wrong, but it sounds to me like the social worker is hoping that if your brother attends the day centre, he will be able to carry on living with you which is a much cheaper option than him being funded for support in his own place ... (You said in a previous thread that you had asked for her support in applying for a house for him that you'd seen advertised.)

You can read up about personal budgets here: http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/perso ... re-support

Don't sign the papers at the day centre. Explain you and your brother want to explore all his options first.

I know you had trouble getting through to the helpline before, but why not email them on advice@carersuk.org and ask for a call back.

Thankyou Melly for your message much appreciated, we applied for a home together as my place was to small, he needed his own bedroom, i,ve been onto mencap, and their going to download me some info, also rang carersuk again but still did,nt get through, oh well i,ll keep trying.

I think its ironic though that they say my brother must be treated like an adult at all times, and yet their the only ones treating him like a child.
Thankyou for your good advice again, i will look into it, its nice to know theres people out there one can chat too.
Hi Julia,
Your brother is lucky to have you looking after his best interests. I'm glad Mencap are supporting you. Please do try emailing the helpline: advice@carersuk.org

Did you have any luck with getting yourselves a two bedroom place?

A lot (but not quite all,) of the social workers we have had dealings with are more concerned with their budgets than getting to know their clients and their families and what would genuinely meet their needs.

Let us know how you get on.

In my area of Hampshire, there will be just one domiciliary care provider "commissioned" by the LA as from the beginning of April. There will be a total monopoly situation, never a good idea. About 16 providers are being removed from the list. Day centres are being closed.
If you are on Direct Payments/Personal Budget, there are more choices, but carers are left to do all the administration, with no back up, even when financial abuse is evident.
Those on direct payments are not being informed of the changes to "commissioned services" to save the LA work and money. So either you accept whatever the LA arranges, or you go it alone with no support. (I've just given up DP's due to lack of support and information, and the work involved).
So, with this background in my area, I'm wondering how your brother is being funded?
Does he have Direct Payments/Personal Budget, or is the care arranged and paid for directly by the LA?
When I complained about poor social work practice within the Adults with a Learning Disability Team in Chester. Cheshire County Council, threatened me with prosecution, restraining orders and bailiffs.

I asked UNISON to support me and they withheld information from me, and conspired with the council against me, which enabled the council to be less than honest in legal documentation.

I applied to the Local Government Ombudsman to investigate shocking allegations of abuse regarding adults with learning disabilities in social care. The LGO refused because I am not a carer or service user.

I asked the Certification Officer to investigate UNISON. He dismissed my complaint without obtaining a response to my allegations.

I applied to the Parliamentary Ombudsman to investigate the Certification Officer. My application was dismissed and the PO refuses to send me a final decision letter.

There is something very wrong with the system.