Better awareness at hospital

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
S and I were at the hospital today and I was so chuffed to see they now have a sensory room for the use of patients with LD! How truly fab. Visiting hospital and waiting for your appt can be so stressful especially in adult services. How lovely to now know that if S is stressed there is somewhere safe, comfortable and calming for him to go to. ... wellbeing/

That is brilliant Melly, it must take a little of the stress away from you knowing there is a room you can take s to if he becomes anxious.
that was really good Melly. My grandson gets very stressed in a hospital environment,a room like that would be really good.
Yes, we were at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham on 3rd June and we were shown the new sensory room and told we were welcome to use it in future. Looked great - will have to make a point of arriving extra early in future so we can enjoy it! :)
Hi, how great you were shown it. We disovered it, door was open as we walked past, otherwise we'd have been none the wiser.

There are times when I think "I could use one of these."

Nothing like it in Leicester, though.