aspergers misdiagnosed for shczophrenia

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Hi, I believe my son has Asperger's. He is being treated for schizophrenia in hospital this has had a detrimental effect in his health. He now appears retarded and unrecognisably fat. No body listens to me, the more they medicate him the worse he gets, so they medicate him more, all. The idiosyncrasies are put down to psychosis when I can tell there are due to the anti psychotics . If Any body has been in this position or can offer me advice please respond. My son has lost much of his years from 18 onwards. He is now 20. His memory is going and his intelligence is as low as a 3 year old.
How very distressing for you? I'm wondering whether, if you could afford it of course, YOU could see a psychologist/psychiatrist/neurologist who specialises in Aspergers/Autism, and have a talk with them about your son, and describing his behaviours etc, since childhood (you have a long term experience of your son obviously), and then see what the specialist thinks about whether that tallies with someone on the ASD spectrum?

If he agrees with you, then maybe you could insist (not sure what powers you have alas) that your son be assessed for ASD, and that it then be taken into account in his treatment plan if it is diagnosed.

I do know there are folk here who have carees who are ASD, so hopefully they will give you good advice and recommendations.

It's so, so worrying when we see our children 'in distress', and much worse if we feel powerless to help them.

I do hope matters can be resolved soon. Kind regards, Jenny

PS - Similarly, can you get any direct help or advice from the forums and supportive charities for ASD, who may be able to guide you?