Advice needed

For issues specific to caring for someone with learning disabilities
Hello everyone
I'm new to the forum so please be kind :D. I'm the main carer for my daughter she's 23 and has learning and physical disabilities. But I'm now considering giving up work to care for her full time myself.

I almost did it last year but got cold feet and carried on working can anyone who as taken this step give me any advice on wether it's a good idea or not ?

My wife (my daughter's step mum) would carry on working so at least a wage would still be coming in.

I would just like to know the pros and cons before we make a decision.
Hi Daren
There's no right or wrong answer. Each individual situation is different. I suugest you search the forum and youll quickly see how many times its been discussed.
Basically you need to consider:
Finances , not just short term but long term and pensions
Very difficult if not impossible to return to work later
Cover and respite for you as carer, including time off and independence
Self respect and confidence (loss of)
Would caree benefit more from professional care
Can caree ever become independent if used to full time home carer
What would happen if something happened to you
Etc etc
Thank you for your reply, I'm not sure if my situation is unique or not. My daughter goes to various support groups throughout the week a carer will pick her up and drop her off she also attends a couple of groups a week in the evenings. She also has respite a few times a year so at least all that is in place.

So I would be taking her to her groups in the day and picking her up in the afternoon. I already do her care in the evenings and weekends.

I could if needed even volunteer at one of the group's she attends this was mentioned to me last year so feeling isolated I don't think would be a problem.