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Food likes and dislikes - Carers UK Forum

Food likes and dislikes

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
I haven’t seen much about this but was curious about your dementia-stricken loved ones/patients mealtime idiosyncrasies. If my mom could eat English muffins, In-N-Out burgers AND especially pb&j sandwiches every day and nothing else she’d be thrilled. Her palate is rapidly narrowing. Increasing effort to get her to eat anything else.
It may be that she is losing her sense of taste. My mum survived mainly on Mr. Kipling cakes for years!
My mum's appetite has severely diminished and her range of food choices have narrowed a lot over recent years. She used to love moderately spicy food - curries, chilli - after getting onto them in the 80s, but she won't touch them now. Chinese food was a firm favourite from the late 70s, but again - not now.

She's gone over to more snacks - biscuits, crisps - and forgets she's eaten, so the care home is trying to restrict the number of crisp packets she has available in her room, for example, as she started to balloon a bit which is not good for her heart. As her capacity is very limited, we use her POA to authorise the approach so that her weight is regulated more.
My late Mum always loved her food and was a great cook but after she lost my Dad she didn’t do as much home cooking. I used to take her shopping at the weekend and her list was nearly always the same ….. Meringues, yoghourts, bananas, some cooked meat, TUC biscuits, Hall’s soothers, Dairylea cheese triangles, Nimble bread, Pringles, fruit jelly sweets etc. 🤣

So you can see she started eating what she called “snacks”. I didn’t mind too much because she had two cooked lunches a week at her luncheon club and spent all weekend eating good food at mine. I also made sure she had a couple of Bisto ready meals in her freezer if she wanted something more substantial but quick.

As her dementia worsened she forgot how to use the cooker and microwave and then we had to think about care homes.There were two excellent traditional cooks at the home and she adored their food as everything was made from scratch including the soups. They loved Mum because she always cleared her plate and thanked them for a lovely meal.
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