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Dementia care and discharge from hospital - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Dementia care and discharge from hospital

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Park homes / LA financial assessments ?

( Also tried barges / boats ... given their status in the law reating to property ... chattels , not homes. )

Old thread from the Alzheimers Society forum makes very interesting reading :

https://forum.alzheimers.org.uk/threads ... ees.52464/

2019 .. is the law still the same ?

Difficult to confirm ... AGE UK may be able to answer that one.
It would be interesting for the CUK helpline to give a formal response to this.

Maybe we should all move to a park home???
Seek and ye shall find ?

Well ... at least i did :


A snippet :
Social services can take a park home into account when doing the financial assessment for someone assessed as needing a care home, if it is the person's 'only or main residence' (Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide CRAG 7.003A).

If the result is the person has more than £23,250 they will have to fund their own care and social services will not pay.

The person then has the choice of selling the home or paying for the care home in some other way e.g. letting it out if that will generate sufficient income and is permitted by the terms of their agreement with the site owner.

So it is not a matter of social services 'forcing' the sale, but the person possibly being left with no alternative.

And another ... reinforcing the chattel element :

The person will not be able to have a deferred payments agreement, whereby social services pay in the person's lifetime, put a charge on the property and then recoup what they have paid out after the person's death because a park home is not a property' and so cannot be registered with the Land Registry consequently there is nothing to put a charge on.

( Not quite correct ... in my banking days , I took charges over park homes ... not as property , more akin to a moneylender's
charge over goods ... an oil painting and diamonds ( Hatton Garden ) ... even a race horse at one branch ... also within my ambit at the time. )

One to refresh my own memory :

A "chattels mortgage" is again evidenced by a piece of paper known as a debenture. The chattels mortgage must directly record the specific assets over which the charge relates. In other words to hold a chattels mortgage the assets subject to that mortgage must be clearly identifiable.