Community Mental Health

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Dad has been visited by 2 community Mental Health Drs but I got the feeling they were reluctant to tweak his medication due to frailty and medical needs so they were going to discuss with GP and not heard back from them yet. I've got a joint visit soon from Community Mental Health Services nurse together with Social Services to "see what support they can offer". I've already had carers assessment, OT assessment, medication review, incontinence nurse, sitting service and a load of bumph from the memory clinic. As dad is self funding they won't be offering any contribution towards carers so the question is - what can I hope for from this visit or do they just think I need a shoulder to cry on?What can I ask for that would be of practical help ?
Sorry Henrietta, I've no experience myself, but what would help you and /or Dad most? Is it time to write a list and then just see what off that list they can do?
At the very least I'd ask for hints or tips on how to deal with whatever they think will be Dad's next stage.

Thanks Mrs A, it's hard at this stage, all the way along, you keep hoping Drs and nurses can fix things but I guess there comes a point when all they can do is "support" . I'm not complaining about the help I get- far from it, just trying to make the most of each professional appointment.
So a list of hopes, and an open listening ear and no expectations!!! Simples :)