What's the Funniest Thing that has happened today?

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Mary, that made me smile.

Pet, you are right. Some of these are desperately sad but sometimes you have to laugh in order not to cry. I used to have long conversations with my mum about the meerkats that appear in Coronation Street breaks. She thought they were real and had moved in with Jack and Vera. In the end, I almost believed it myself and was asking her how much rent she thought they paid!!
I know what you mean. A couple of weeks ago hubby told me he had been in court that morning!. I reacted as I would have pre dementia.' God, whatever for" said me. Apparently he had been a witness to something. I even asked if it had taken very long. No, was the reply,so I said oh that's good. Not funny I know, but he's still a busy bee in his mind. I take comfort from that. We have to take comfort in the best way we can.
I did chuckle at another resident sometime back. She's 95, and told me she had dumped her boyfriend. Oh, why I asked, well he's 20 years younger than me, and that's a bit too much!! I couldn't help it, but I said it must have been fun while it lasted!!
and this was funny yesterday

The poor ould fella, was very very poorly with Crohn's disease - resulting in a stoma and 2 dementia's.

Yesterday - he asked me to explain ( again) what the Crohn's disease was that he had.

I did (again) simply

and afterwards he shrugged his shoulders and said 'oh, well, it doesn't bother me very much does it?' I cracked out laughing - 'doesn't bother you? You have only had major surgery, a stoma and bag that you hate - oh well, if it doesn't bother you, then that's ok'

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
One of teh blessings of dementia, problems soon forgotten , or never acknowledged in the first place. - every cloud ........as the saying goes
and the latest......

The poor ould fella had his driving license revoked because of the dementia..... so now he wants to buy a pedal bike....... how to explain he will be no safer???? :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:
Oh that's a hard one giving up driving.

I came back from dog walk yesterday and found Dad putting a Sainsbury bag on his foot like a shoe. I tried to take it off and he was extremely unhappy about me taking his bag away and asked me for another one instead if I wanted that one. :roll:
Henrietta, that's a difficult one.

Heard yesterday in Sainsburys:

Harrassed male: Mum, I'm your son, not one of the Sainsburys staff

Mum: That's a shame, if you were, I would have had you sacked!
like that about Sainsbury's - very funny
Hubby was very lucky on Tuesday. The activities young lady gave him a foot massage. Sent him to sleep. I teased him and said, ' oh yes, pretty blonde lady giving you a nice foot massage then". He didn't really remember, but did say, well I've only got 2 so it wouldn't have taken long!!
She is a very caring person, used to be one of the carers, but had difficulty with working 8 till 8 because of her child starting school. She cut her hours, but some of the other staff were spiteful about it. She was offered the activities post, and as far as I can see she is making a good job of it. She always made time for residents. Encouraging games, doing the ladies nails etc. Wish there were more carers like her.
This is not funny but then it is........

I am not well, I have been coughing all night for the last few days and now my voice has virtually gone ( hurrah say some!)

The poor ould fella knows this, but keeps forgetting.

I keep trying to get him to listen when I speak to him, but because of the wonky voice all he keeps doing is asking me to repeat myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, where is the honey and lemon..?
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