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Wrist alarm button

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi - my mother is aged 94 and has had vascular dementia for some years. She lives alone with a rota of visiting carers every day but is alone at night. Recently her condition has deteriorated. She has taken to pressing her alarm button just because she feels a bit unwell, then goes back to sleep and is very suprised when help that is not needed arrives - often in the small hours.
The family is considering taking away the button and hub since she clearly no longer comprehends it's usage.
Any opinions or similar experiences? Advise would be appreciated.
It sounds like she's now at the stage of needing residential care if she isn't safe at night., or when alone.
I know can get sensors with some telecare units (fall, bed, etc) but not sure if they could operate completely without pendant/bracelet alarm. :-???
I think she really needs someone to be with her 24/7 or even at night so that any discomfort or pain would be easily taken care of.
Mum has done amazingly well to be still living alone at her age. What to do now really depends on her financial situation.
Does she own her home? Have over £23,000 in savings? (Yes/No)
These are the two critical questions when looking at future care arrangements.
Once we know the answers we can discuss options further.
Do you have Power of Attorney? Is Attendance Allowance being claimed? Did you know that as she has "severe mental impairment" and lives alone she is exempt from Council Tax? The council should refund all payments since the day of diagnosis!
How about putting cctv cameras all over the house specifically in her room where you can access it remotely so that when she pushes the panick button, you'll just see how she's doing and know if she is really in an emergency or not.
Please don't take away her pendant alarm button!!! In fact ask the pendant alarm people to change it to a 'fall sensor'. These are really good. If your mother, God forbid, fell then the sensor would automatically go off and alert the call centre without her actually having to press it! Just imagine if you took it away from her and she did fall..she could be laid there hours in pain before anyone found her! You would never forgive yourself. Saying all that though, these pendants only work if the patient is wearing them!!!! A few weeks ago my Mum had taken gets off and cut the cord!!!! And some days the carers find it in her bed!!!

Perhaps, as others have said, now is the time for your Mum to go into full time care. Just hope you can persuade her! I can't persuade my Mum and doctors say she still has capacity to chose where she wants to live! It's just a case of keeping my fingers, and everything else, crossed that she doesn't fall and injure herself. Sometimes it takes a crisis to happen before an elderly parent can be taken into care!!

Good luck!!