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Worried About Mum's Memory - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Worried About Mum's Memory

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
oh anne, do hope all goes well at the hospital on monday. if you have to have the operation, well your health comes before anything else. as your mum already has carers going in, could the times they spend with her be increased to cover what you are unable to do.
that sentence i have just typed makes it all sound so easy doesn't it but as you know, i am not taking it lightly.
Do you have anybody to go to the hospital with you or do you like to do these things on your own.

i have been busy making enquiries about carers for my mum this morning, but just know that she is not going to accept them. or even, can we afford them.
a friend of mine who works with people with Alzheimers told me to just stand back, and let the authorities handle everything. easier said than done, as you know.

take care anne, please let us know how it goes at the hospital. x
Hi Pam,

Going on my own (mum did offer ...). Apparently Social Services can offer no more support (budget cuts etc).

Re your mum's carers, if they are arranged through the SS, they will do a means assessment. Mum (or rather 1) contribute to the cost but do not pay the full amount thankfully.

Have a good weekend, will be back online next week, Anne x
more dramas today. O.T. came yesterday and decided that mum should have somebody come in in the mornings to check that she is alright, make sure she had enough milk etc. perhaps do her breakfast. surprisingly after 2 1/2 hrs. mum agreed. All free of charge she said. well i was over the moon. She did say she had only been in post in that borough for 1 week, so my husband said, hang on pam, does she know what she is talking about. anyway, seems he was proved right. had a call from s.s. today, and they have to do there assessment first before anything is agreed. they are coming on 4th january.
Just had an awful phone call with mum. she does not know where she is, nobody wants her, she thought she loved us but does not now as we have left her all alone. if she had tablets she would take them. I tried to persuade her to go to bed. She has had crossroads lady in for 2 hours today, but honestly makes no difference. ok she enjoys her when she is there, but as soon as she is gone, she forgets she has been. same with me, i go to her nearly every day, but she thinks i never go, because she forgets.
Honestly, where does all this end. this lady is so so unhappy and her quality of life is nil.