What's the Funniest Thing that has happened today?

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Oh dear Mary, hope you are feeling better soon, You'll have to get him an ear trumpet.
Yes, nothing worse than caring when feeling ill yourself. Get better soon, Mary

Henrietta, how are the carrier bag shoes - any progress?
This was last week.... could/should have sold tickets........

We are an Irish family on Dad's side, and it shows in some of us - well, me anyway..

We took a long journey 12 miles, on the bus - over an hour there, 4 hours in town( buses are as rare as hen's teeth), one hour back on the bus - quite exhausted at the end of it all. On a mission - and mission accomplished. We are on a very tight budget but very much needed a new sofa and chair, so the mission was to go to the Hospice furniture shop. And I found exactly what we wanted, in wonderful condition, the colours I wanted at a price I wanted - so I bought it.

The men delivered it a few days later - it went in through the double doors on the conservatory, through the kitchen -but, but , but would not go into the lounge! They left it in the garage.

Few days later No1 son and a mate, come over, pop out the sitting room window ( double glazed) and put the sofa in through the window!

Lesson! Measure your sofa before you buy it........ thought, how easy it is to 'pop' out some double glazing windows - beware of burglars :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
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