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What's the Funniest Thing that has happened today? - Carers UK Forum

What's the Funniest Thing that has happened today?

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
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Come on folks, let's have some fun..

Every day has a bit of fun in it somewhere - we only have to look, and sometimes it means looking hard, so let's get the ball rolling...

:dry: My other half, the chap with dementia and an ostomy - can't help me work anymore in my job as a genealogist, so he likes to go errands in our village. His mission today was to go to one of the two shops in our village and buy a large 4pt of milk, and some flowers for someone... armed with his walking stick and having memorised what he wanted, off he went.

Two minutes later, he phoned me as he had forgotten what he had gone for ( he said he did not need a list)

Ten minutes later he is home, without the milk or the flowers, which I needed for tomorrow....

Never mind we'll try again later...

Later... off he goes again to the other shop in the village, later he comes back with a small 2pts of milk, and still no flowers - well an improvement on earlier as we now have some milk! But he has just remembered he needs to get a birthday card and post it to his daughter, and wants to set off again to the shop - which is now closed.

I have some birthday cards, would you like to pick one - so we choose a good one, and he writes it out, and I sign it, and he signs it... so far so good. He then comes into me to say he has sealed it up with sellotape to keep the money safe that he is putting into it...... oh, how much did you put in.... well, none, because I forgot, but I have sealed it up anyway.

So result of lots of faffing about, going here and there in the village, is that we have 2 pints of milk and nothing else that he intended doing - oh yes, we have a card in an envelope that he has now messily opened waiting for the money that he is going to put in... which he has not got because it was one of the things he went to the shop to get first thing this morning..... hang on.... this is where I came in ... I am off to bed... tomorrow will be another funny day Grenville as Arkwright used to say... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Better to be laughing than crying, Mary.

My caree has autism, our laughing moments tend to be quite slapstick. I can't think of any right now... We last laughed today when I tickled him!

I laughed yesterday when my husband, confabulating again, said we could go to Spain today. The flights were £36 return, expensive in his dementia world, but it will be worth it! I laughed because he was happy.
Watching Michael Macentyre on bbc1 is making me grin.
omg! for a man who was always very precise about table manners, the funniest thing has to be seeing him inspecting his ileostomy bag to see if it needs emptying in a restaurant full of people :roll: :roll: In my eyes this is simply not good table manners.....oh dear the joys of dementia and an ileostomy

Not today, but reminded me
Mum (94) was very proud and pleased with her purchase of pretty new knickers for just £2 so showed me, by lifting up her skirt to her waist.
We were just passing the bandstand in the park at the time :blush: :blush:
that really made me laugh - thanks for that !! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I have a dippy daughter - she is lovely - she is having a ceiling decorated because they had a leek. My leek is in the fridge, and I am not having my ceiling decorated :?
Dad has just asked me for a teaspoon. He was having a cup of tea so perhaps he needed to stir it you might be thinking. Well I produced the teaspoon and he began combing his hair with it. :lol:
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D That made me laugh so much - thank you
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