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Frustrating Day

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Lots of niggles to moan about, called down in night to look for hearing aids, both somewhere obvious , then Dad starts looking again for a third one-just how many ears do you need? Then a very lengthy conversation about Flog it which was already on TV on BBC1. Looking for remote control- showed him 3 but no these were no good he wanted to change the channel with the chair control so he could watch Flog It on BBC1 - already on. This loop lasted 20 minutes or so. Then I get asked where Dad's frame is (he's walking round leaning on it). In the middle of all this helicopters arrived - Dad fell silent , appearing perfectly normal but slept until they left. Got usual sarky comment from helicopter about state of house even though I've spent every spare minute of week off running round doing Dad things. :evil:
This evening I was all ready to go to bed and Dad anounces he is going for a walk around the house in the dark in the cold so I have to wait for him to return. :roll:
Nothing major just one little niggle after another and back to work next week.
Listening. Wot else can I say? Apart from I hope you both get a better night. :)
I could use choice language about helicopter!! Pity you can't somehow film your dad when he's so confused. Then you could give sarky comments back. It's so very rude to comment on the ' state' of anyones home.
((( Hugs)))
Helicopters. Fell out over the years with just ONE of them. Haven't heard from her since, well, since ya know what. Got a card in post from her ...... bah humbug... I sat and thought about it for awhile then ripped it up and put it in the recycling. ;) :shock:
There comes a time when we can make independent rational decisions. When all else has failed.
Just sayin'. It worked for me.
You can think of so many things you could have said if only you weren't so 'gob-smacked' after such a comment. Next time excuse yourself immediately, go to the loo for a think and then come out, hand the helicopter the duster and polish, point them at the vac and tell them to feel free but you have to go out for a couple of hours and by the way he needs ------ (whatever). Bet it's a long time before they come back which will be a bonus maybe?
Stupid, useless people.
Sorry I know these are all really minor things going on compared to other people but just needed to moan.
You have much right to moan as the next person. All the irritations add up, don't they.

I hope you have an undisturbed night, tonight.

I am so sorry for you, Henrietta. It used to annoy me that I couldn't keep the house clean - not that I like doing it ever. I do remember my brother, when the alarm went off on his airflow mattress, trying to put it right with the TV remote control. But at least he was bedridden so no walks around at night.
Walk out when the helicopter arrives. Leave them to it. They'll learn. Oh, they'll learn.....

Anyway, vent away!
Hi Henrietta
Much admiration at how you cope, especially with the repetitions.
Yes, I agree next time helicopters arrive, thank them for coming then go out.

My mum has got something into her head about my son that isnt right and that hurts me. I keep trying to tell myself it shouldn't matter but it does. Tv remotes etc I can cope with but not the personal slurs.
Any tips anyone?