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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
I know they have to do these story lines but did they have to do it on the only soap mum really enjoys.....Little Arthur explaining to Marlon that his dads brains wiring is broken like his CD player had me in tears....so flicked channels and then had to explain to mum why we couldnt watch it....which then made mum cry.... :(
I totally understand how you feel, it's the same here, though luckily my Mum doesn't really understand the story line. I went and did something else while it was on. I had the same experience when, on a rare evening off, we went to see 'The lady in the van' , a very good film but a bit too close to home!
It's very hard but at least they're still here! :)
I can't watch anything at all concerning people with learning difficulties, like my son. I also worry about what he hears on the news concerning LD, especially all the deaths in care which were not investigated.
Made me cry
Whilst we have to accept that TV soaps are make believe if you like, many do get engrossed in particular story lines, especially when too close to home to their own circs.
Personally the Ashley/alzheimers story line is not affecting me as I don't think they are portraying it at all well. A week in soapland can sometimes cover a month or longer and I think they are trying to cram too much in too fast. Plus as many of us here know it can affect different people in different ways, at various speeds.

I like the fact they are helping raise awareness of what has to be the most cruel disease ever but for me it should have been handled better. Just my pennyworths :(

x x
Well this storyline is escalating in Emmerdale now and tonights episode was from Laurels point of view. Some of her lines we have witnessed on this forum many times, not just about dementia but other illnesses/disabilities too. Issues like feeling a failure, thinking we are the only ones that can provide the best support and then realising that's not true.

They are soon attempting to show it from Ashleys side of things. Not sure how that will pan out.

I'm afraid I struggle watching anything to do with dementia. I need a distraction from it. Anything these days that may make me cry. Although anything can! Trying to protect myself from caving in again.
It's like looking in a mirror watching Emmerdale at the moment ..the times I have needed to pop out for something really basic and thought can I make it to the shops and back whilst someone is asleep.....the realty is not a hope in hell.
I cant watch it either, even though mum died almost two years ago. The little I did see, I did note with envy that they were surrounded by supportive family and friends. For most of us, that is far from reality.
Maybe Carers UK should be putting a plug in for the work they do, and the forum? The number of people who come to the forum caring for someone with dementia, but haven't had any real information or support, is increasingly worrying me. Something is going seriously wrong.