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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hello everyone, I'm a newbie.
I'm a living carer at present looking after someone with Alzheimers although I am living I work from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m(bedtime) if I hear him wandering in the night sometimes I get up but he's safe to wander around on his own as I've been told. He doesnt wander around the house as such mainly in his room to the bathroom. occasions there has been wee on floor where he hasn't found the toilet in time I've started putting a pad on him at night I have done it on the few occasions and he is taking the pad off in the night unsure if it's because he's too hot or not, it hasn't been used. He's able to go to the toilet on his own during the day but also sometimes he wees before he gets to the toilet can anyone help has anyone been through this and got any advice?
Thanks in advance
First stop, GP practice, to ask their "Continence Nurse" to visit. Are you a paid carer, or unpaid carer?
bowlingbun wrote:First stop, GP practice, to ask their "Continence Nurse" to visit. Are you a paid carer, or unpaid carer?

Thanks for replying I am a paid live on carer but we had a continence nurse last week but a different carer was here and she hasn't written much in the notes basically that she had a chat .... Not very helpful! I speak to the daughter of the person I'm caring for but it's not that straight forward kinda hard work really. I'm unsure how to approach this
Hi Ring the G.Ps and ask them to ask the nurse who visited to give you a ring to discuss what was said.Also I'd be ringing the agency of the first carer and explain that she left inadequate notes and that its affecting your ability to care for the person.
This is a forum for unpaid carers. Your client's daughter needs to be told how it is.
You might like to direct her to our forum.
It's a wretched problem for you. Not nice, alas. I suspect he removes the pads as they are uncomfortable and 'clumsy' and he doesn't see the need .... (!). Men aren't used to wearing pads - we women are more resigned to them I guess, from monthly periods etc etc.

Definitely tell his daughter, and really, your manager should have given you advice and guidance. It's not an uncommon problem alas, with the very elderly and when dementia sets in. I'm afraid double incontindence may happen next, which will be even worse.....

You seem to work very long days - I hope you get all the breaks and time off that you should be getting!

I don't know if this is any help or not, but in my MIL's care home (with dementia), all the residents have a mat by their bed which is a pressure pad, so if they get out of the bed in the night it sets off a bell (or whatever) for the night staff. That said, you may not want that if it's just you 24x7!

Do you think he might e persuaded to just a commode, or even a pot, at night? It might sound odd to us, but in 'olden days' pots under the bed were very common, and he probably remembers them from his own upbringing!

A commode though could be placed right by his bed, to minimise the danger of any 'spillage'.....
He might be able, with encouragement, to adapt to a bottle urinal. Meanwhile do have a word with your employer and clients daughter.....you say that difficult but good communication is key to a successful relationship all sides. And be prepared for mopping up and bed changing etc. Without embarrassing him too much. Shame nobody warned you about this, that surprises me.
Hope you enjoy your job overall....... hope you know we unpaid Carers often have to rely on you, and In case you are looking in.....well done you for being prepared to look after someone in the community. Takes guts. And you guys are in short supply.