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walk in baths and stair lifts - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

walk in baths and stair lifts

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi Webby,
Your Mum hasn't got thrush has she?My husband had it and found eating and drinking painful till the liquid they gave him for it cleared it up.
hi daffy not that im aware blood test came back with water infection
My mum is very disabled, loves her daily bath, courtesy of the special bath seat which goes up and down. Came from Adult Services Equipment Centre, after referral to OT. Relatively cheap, quick, and easy. I think it's much better to sit in a bath and soak the vital area, a shower just doesn't do it in the same way. If mum is struggling with the stairs, I wonder if you have a hand rail both sides? It's always best to try the simplest solutions first. Is it your own house? Have you considered a downstairs bathroom? I tell everyone that my son moved in and put me in the garage to sleep, they look at me in horror, then I explain that he converted it into a beautiful bedroom complete with vaulted ceiling and ensuite! I seem to remember you said mum was over the limit for financial help? Spending money on something like this would be perfectly in order, as it would enable her to stay home longer.
i put rails each side at the moment she seems to be getting better each day on stairs,i like you prefer the bath its what she is use to,will try find the team up at the hospital i think the bath seat is the way to go,its not really possible to put bathroom down stairs as its only small semi
Hi Webby. Just a word of warning about buying a stair lift. We,ve just had to buy one as my husband has Denemtia and Parkinsons. Our first quote was £2,650.00 the saleman remarked I looked amazed ( which I was) especially as we were paying for it ourselves, we failed the means test although we are no means well off. Anyway after the rep had gone off in a huff, he was on the phone to me again within 30 mins, to say, guess what? His office had just phoned him to say a stair lift had just come into the store room, brand new, same make as the one he'd quoted for and we could have it for. £ 1,950.00 after many phone calls from various companies, we decided to go a local disabily shop and we got the very same make as the first one we were offered for £1.500.00 fitted within two days and it took only a couple of hours to fit. be careful of these salesmen. best of Luck in your search. Ann.
thanks ann i will be careful at the moment she is climbing stairs fine so gonna put that on hold although gonna discuss it with the occupational therapist who is coming out to see mum proberly in about 6 weeks
up to now we have managed but now is the time to make mums life easier i am going for a chair lift and proberly a walk in shower and wet room if anyone can add to this or recomend any service that would be great thanks