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Vascular Dementia Diagnosed - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Vascular Dementia Diagnosed

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
I'm sorry to hear about your husband but I'm glad he's fine with the choice he made. Yes I would agree, it depends at what stage your husband's dementia is at. All dementia patients, sadly deteriorate, but all at different speeds and levels. It is also recommended to seek advice from experts to be fully aware of the disease.
Hello Nathaniel
Would you like to tell us a little of your situation.?
Just an update from me, Have done POA finance & did do health as well in the end. Solicitor was great with my Husband & I am glad we went to her, Husband didn't want to see her on his own, but she only saw him briefly & then let me come in with him. Also filled in the form for Council Tax disregard, left it with doctor to sign, although I thought won't sign it, my Husband hasn't got a serious mental impairment, but doctor did sign, and suppose Husband has. This is very sad and hard. But big blessing Husband isn't really worried, that's just going to be me
Feel for all you out there going through this horrible time, one funny thing, Husband told me to call AA to help get Mum back in her wheelchair after She had slipped forward!!!
My aunt has dementia and slowly, she was experiencing memory difficulties and sudden change of thinking and behavior. That's why we did everything we can to help her and make her always safe at home. We take turns in taking care of her coz she has tendencies of wandering along the streets. We have tried putting up cctv cameras and tracker as well.