Truth about dementia BBC Angela Rippon

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Very interesting programme tonight.
Looking forward to hearing everyone's views
I may decide eventually to watch it on Catch-Up. I generally tend to avoid dementia related programmes - too close to home !
This one seemed to be quite positive, although I was a bit sceptical about the things to do to prevent it which didn't seem to apply to those I know who were intelligent and active and still suffered. The research was interesting but still has a way to go.
My Mum has said her brain is to be donated to research as at 93 she feels 'It's done quite well really ', bless her :)
I decided I couldn't watch the programme. Not very brave. Am surrounded by dementia every day I visit hubby. Pre dementia days I definitely would have been interested xx
Very interesting and positive program, not raising false hopes, not highlighting the worst issues of Dementia but very interesting none the less.
I thought it was shockingly misleading in the way they interchanged the words 'Dementia' and 'Alzheimer's'. And as usual, just showed the milder side of dementia symptoms, which will just reinforce the views of those who are not in the know that someone loses their memory a bit, forgets how to make tea, etc. How about some of the other symptoms - like delusions, anger, incontinence, etc. No, I guess they don't make for entertaining viewing. It was all far too happy happy, and that is just not how it is, in my experience.

It wasn't the 'truth' abut Dementia at all!
I did try watching it, for about two minutes. I'm afraid I find it intensely distressing to see the photos of the patients 'as they were' and then see the camera on them now. Far too scary.

If the programme did conflate 'dementia' with 'Alzheimers' that's dreadfully irresponsible.

And yes, it should include all the 'nasties' of dementia that can come along, like the aggression, the confabulation, the wandering, the incontinence and the 'inappropriate behaviour' steming from 'disinhibition' etc etc.

If it's repeated, I'll record it, and try and watch it. Last night I just wanted mindless fun, so watched one of my very large collection of A Place In The Suns.....I always amuse myself picking my fave property, and redecorating it!
I agree, far too much of a busman's holiday for me!
I can't watch Emmerdale at the moment as I find it very hard watching Ashley going through the day to day problems with dementia. I did however listen to a truly wonderful interview on Radio 2 with the MP Dennis Skinner talking about how singing songs had helped his mum with Dementia communicate and how at the start his family didn't believe it. This happened to me as well so you get the double pleasure of braking down a barrier with the person you care for and then seeing the reaction of a relative when it works for them as well.
Excuse my ignorance but what is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's?