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Tossing and turning - Carers UK Forum

Tossing and turning

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hello Carers,
I,m not sleeping because my dear Peter and I went to see the vascular surgeon yesterday. I have been told that he needs surgery because his arteries in his legs are blocked they don't think it is adviseable to do the operation because of peter's mental condition and his age peter's 83 now.Peter didn't even know where we were or what we were doing at the hospital. The surgeon said peter wouldn't be able to survive the treatment. They have discharged him and said see his doctor if things get worse.
Peter has smoked since he was 14 years. It's to late to stop him now.
He is asleep at the moment with the aid of sleeping pills. So now I will go for a walk to clear my head.
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I have only just read your post, Adeliene and am so sorry to hear your news. I find that I can't think of anything of any help to say! Please know that my thoughts are with you and sending you a (((((((((((hug))))))))) xx
Thanks caring-mind for your message, today our carers group had a reflexoligist that did a wonderful job in helping me relax. my feet feel really good and I have calmed down.
take care of yourself from adeliene
Like Pamela I can't think of anything to say that will help, but can offer you a big (((((((hug)))))))

I really hope u get a good nights sleep,,

worry is the bain of our lifes and im sure if we had nothing to worry about we would worry about wot we have missed to worry about!

Massive hugs 2 u

have u tried aromatherepy?? it can be great and i find it amazing when im stressed out
sometimes not very often I treat myself to a massage but they have put the price up to £39 it's not possible to have massages anymore. Only if the carers association have someone in to give me a head and shoulder massage then that's wonderful I take full advantage of all there complementary therapies, they haven't had anyone doing aeromatherapy i will have to suggest it to them. they are very good to me.
I don't know if you have a College near you that does beauty training, but they often do training days where some treatments are free or very much reduced so maybe you could get a massage more often? Also lots of beauty salons do offers for trainees. Might be worth giving it a try so that you don't have to give up something you enjoyed.

Sending you hugs xx
that's a great idea bluebird. I'll look and see if there is a college near me. I didn't think of that.my neck,shoulders and spine certainly need a good massage. I'll let you know if i find a college.
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