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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
We all know that people in the early stages of dementia become very forgetful. Many's the time I've spent a couple of hours searching around for Mum's false teeth, only to find them under her pillow or next to where she's been sitting. And, as ever, when found she says 'I didn't put them there, you must have done it'.
However, the one that made me laugh out loud was when I discovered that she had put the contents of a packet of chicken cup-a-soup into the budgie's seed box instead of trill. Luckily I found out within a few hours. (Budgie none the worse for his ordeal) Image

you have to see the funny side or you'd go stir crazy. Image Sounds like she keeps you on your toes!

Brenda - I once spent 5 days looking for Mum's bottom set (luckily she had a spare), eventually found them rolled up a in pair of knickers in her undies drawer Image

And as for her cigarettes - well - I've found them all over the flat, hidden in the strangest of places - inside shoes, coat pockets, inside gloves - even the freezer once. When I finally come to clear out Mum's place I fully expect to find the odd packet or two hidden away that I haven't found on previous searches Image Image

She also went through a stage of hiding money and then telling me that someone had stolen it Image But when any of the 'lost' items were found she could never remember hiding them so it was always 'someone else'who had hidden them, never her Image Image Image
Am past getting embarrassed by my daughter.We just laugh and pass on . When we take her out shopping you can bet this voice will suddenly BOOM ..BIG BOTTOM or Knickers!!!
or even OOOh put your knickers on! She thinks it is very funny and there is no way I can stop it. Not for want of trying .Suppose it is a good thing in away that you can see she has learning disabilities.( Downs) but you cant see a sign for dementia.
took her to disney some years ago and as we walked out of the (one of many) disney shops, spotted she had taken some toys from the display and they where all sitting on her lap in her wheelchair.
Often wondered, if I had not spotted them, if the disney police would have arrested us.!
Did buy them and they where VERY expensive!!!

Dads latest thing is to try to use tv remote control to make phone calls,and then asking why i threw the old phone away!! Image
Dads latest thing is to try to use tv remote control to make phone calls,and then asking why i threw the old phone away!! Image
Before I moved in with her Mum kept doing that too and then kept telling me that my phone didn't work she also tried to use the phone as the TV remote control - wondered why we were getting so many charges for 123 (the talking clock) service Image
My mum did that to with the t.v. remote, also thought it was her torch . One day I lost
mums teeth found them in a tub of face cream. mum and me went into kinks of laughter that day took ages to get the cream off. Image
nearly always under the pillow though.