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Had to mental health section 2 mum on Friday. - Carers UK Forum

Had to mental health section 2 mum on Friday.

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi everyone,

On Friday afternoon I had to do the most difficult thing I have ever done, I had to agree to mum being sectioned from the care home into the mental hospital for a 28 day assessment,, this is mainly due to her aggression when they try and do personal care, or medication or when they give her food and walk away and leave her to feed herself which she cant...

It is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do, putting her into care was something I knew would eventually happen, but never this

what is so frustrating is that if the "care home" had managed her more appropriately, by having the same team where ever possible deal with her personal care, instead of a revolving stream of staff.

She is 79 and from a totally different generation where modesty was so important, if you have what to you is a total stranger come into your bedroom and usher you into the shower, of course you are going to react!! same with the medication, go in and give her it, whats wrong with sitting with her for a few minutes have a wee bleather and then try!!!
You have made her feel secure, she wont feel she is begin railroaded or forced or threatened!!

Its not rocket science after all, it is quite simple , well to me it is....

Whilst I know it was the right and only thing to do, but it still does not feel comfortable and if perhaps more support and care from he home had been in place might not have been needed!!!
hi Jacqui,
my heart goes out to you, what an awful situation for you. I understand just what you mean about the care staff, I had the same problems with domiciliary care workers, it's so frustrating and distressing. It was the same when my dad had to go into hospital, even on a ward supposed to specialise in dementia many of the staff were hopeless.
You are quite right, all it really needs is to put yourself in her situation to understand how she's feeling, but some people don't seem to have the capacity to do that, or can't be bothered.
The psychiatric assessment may help though, at least the staff should be better trained and she'll hopefully be seeing a geriatric psychiatrist. It may mean that they'll be able to assess her properly and improve her care, I do hope so.

best wishes, Lesley xx
Hi Jacqui,
I think that's every carer's worst nightmare, but sometimes there is no option available, although perhaps there should have been. (((Hugs))) for you tonight.
A huge hug coming your way Jacqui - not a situation any of us would want to have to face. Be brave.

Bell x
Hi Lesley,

Thanks for your comments and support, it is greatly appreciated.

she as had a geriatric psychiatrist for years, but he was on holiday and home took cowards way out, Claiming she agreed to admit herself!!!

He is at the same hosp as she is in, but as he is community based, will have nothing to do with assessment.........purely hospital doctors...

He actually made several safeguarding reports at her review in March due to the 5.2 kilo weight loss between dec and march... he also gave them a right ticking off as he direct quote " I am sick fed up telling you people in here about not giving feeding assistance" I have had enough am now making safeguarding reports, as this is not my only patient in here with the same issues

Perhaps the hospital dementia unit might actually be more suited to Mum, given her aggression....am guessing they will mostly be mental health nurses.... rather than unqualified carers..

It is high time the laws were changed and care home staff should be licensed and given proper training with proper qualifications...

Thanks again Lesley, first weekly review tomorrow at 1130.. Image
Hi Bowlingbum,

Again also thanks for the thoughts and support, it is most appreciated, and yes it will be everyones worst nightmare having to do this....

hows things with you?

Hi Bowlingbum,

Again also thanks for the thoughts and support, it is most appreciated, and yes it will be everyones worst nightmare having to do this....

hows things with you?

Hi Brindleboy,

Again thanks for the support, I am cool, she is in the best possible place, and it really is and was in her best interest.......the home allowing her to go up to 6 days without being washed or showered or bathed, could not continue, nor could the weight loss either.

What creases me up is the home claiming " she went in willingly and agreed to it" ha ha lol...erm hello!!! you have just sectioned 2 her!!! as she does not have the mental capacity.....she cant have, she did not understand what had been asked of her, or where they were taking her or why!!!!

Will kepp you posted:)
hi Jacqui,
I'm horrified by what you've said about the care your mum had in the home. I had the same kind of problem with my dad - some care workers had no problem but others just had no clue how to deal with him and he'd get upset and frustrated and then they'd refuse to do his care, or I'd have to ask them to stop as he was distressed. I often ended up doing the care myself with one of the carers or just on my own rather than dad getting upset. I was told he'd be better in a home because they'd have time to deal with him better. It depends so much on having people with the right attitude and proper training. Even seemingly silly things like dropping his clothes on the floor when they took them off used to upset him so much, because he never did that himself and thought they were being disrespectful.
There's a website http://www.scie.org.uk which I found very useful, I used to copy dementia sections and give it to the careworkers. It's very practical and gives insight into problems like aggression and all sorts of advice on dealing with dementia. Having said that I shouldn't have had to 'train' the careworkers myself, but it was the only way in the end.
I hope the meeting goes well tomorrow.
Lesley xx
Oh I can appreciate your anguish over having to do that and how it came about, Jacqui.
My mum had to go into hospital and being dealt with by strangers made her much worse and more aggressive when she never was at home.
I took some knitting in as that always calmed her down but they took it off her as it was dangerous they said but they left the needles and confiscated the wool ! I kid you not.
I would turn up for visiting and they'd be toileting her behind the curtain and I'd hear them telling her not to bite them and hear her stress. It was awful.
I live in fear of anything causing her to go back in.

Last year we had a right old time with a terrible bullying social worker who seemed hell bent on mum being cared for by strangers (I'd hung up on her in a phone call so she had it in for me after that and subject us both to considerable stress through threats made).
Mum told her she didn't want anyone else looking after her and they sent two strangers out to check mum over which caused mum considerable grief that lasted days and prevented her sleeping properly.

I hope your mum will become more settled where she is.