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Time of Day - Carers UK Forum

Time of Day

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
For anyone caring at a distance, this clock is excellent. I should stress I have no personal connection with this company. I am just a carer with a confused mum. This clock worked immediately I plugged it in, has a very clear message - easily visible and now my mum knows whether morning or night and the day of the week. Rather expensive but a great aid:

looks wonderful anne.

does it fix on the wall or is it on a stand. x
Looks good Anne - just hope she 'remembers' to look at it and 'belives' what it says Image

My Mum insisted that all the clocks, calendars etc were wrong and it was a conspiracy to make her think she was going mad Image
Wow, Sussex, you are clever. I wouldn't know wher to start Image .

Yes, Susie, I suspect you are right that this won't last for ever. At the moment (fingers crossed v tight), she believes it because I said it comes from her doctor and he is never wrong in her eyes!

Pam, it either stands up or it can be fixed to a wall. AND if mum unplugs it and then replugs it in, it automatically adjusts itself which is quite handy ....
Just seen this thread, it looks very good, I bought my mum a talking clock
you just hit the big button on the top. she could not see the dials anymore.
cant wait to see the pics of this Rokx. well done.you.
So clever, especially like the nightime one. When it is night, mum frequently thinks there has been a power cut ....
Wow! Are you going to patent it, Sussex?!
That is really clever sussex. It would have helped my MIL. We tried using stars on a chart to help her keep track of time, but that would have been much better.