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The Seven Stages of Alzheimer's - Carers UK Forum

The Seven Stages of Alzheimer's

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Recently whilst browing the internet I found this which some of you may find useful. using it as a guide we conclude that Mum is somewhere around stage 4 - 5.

[quote]Stage 1 – No impairment. Memory and cognitive abilities appear normal.

Stage 2 – Minimal Impairment/Normal Forgetfulness. Memory lapses and changes in thinking are rarely detected by friends, family, or medical personnel. Half of those over 65 begin noticing problems in concentration and word recall.

Stage 3 – Early Confusional/Mild Cognitive Impairment. Subtle difficulties impact functions. Try to hide problems. Problems with word retrieval, planning, organization, misplacing objects, and forgetting recent learning affect home and work environments. New learning, complex planning and organization may be impacted. Depression and other mood disturbances can occur. Duration: 2-7 years.

Stage 4 – Late Confusional/Mild Alzheimer’s. Problems handling finances result from mathematical challenges. Recent events and conversations are increasingly forgotten. Still know selves and family, but have problems carrying out sequential tasks, including cooking, driving, and home management tasks. Ordering food at restaurants, independent shopping, and other sequential tasks are affected. Often withdraw from social situations, become defensive, and deny problems. Need increasing assistance with the “businessâ€
Thanks for posting this, Sue - think my mother is around stage 5 by now. Image
Susieq - an interesting list.

I know little about AD so don't know how that fits in with it in reality. My mother's around 4 but not got AD just VD - she doesn't have financial problems - just doesn't handle them at all. Hopefully I get to the bills before she does so they get paid - she just puts them to one side! She reads quite a lot and can now combine two independent articles together - which confuses her!
Thanks Susie, a very good set of pointers.
Yes thanks.
Dad deff stage 5 if not a tad further.
My goodness didn't realise how far progressed he was!!!
A bit scary realy but thanks it does help.
Luv Kxx
Hi Susieq,

Well after reading that I think my Mum is around 4/5 probably bordering more onto the 5. Bit depressing really.

If I could have one wish in life it would be for Mum to have her memory back! Image

Oh well such is life!

Thanks Susieq for posting this.

It's very sad to read as according to the list my Mum is at Stage 7 and although I already know this, it is still very hard to see it in black and white, but then again I wish my family could read it.

Blue xx
Thanks for that had heard of the 7 stages but never found them. We are about 5/6 probably nearer 6 as I wash and dress her now and she has no idea who I am I'm just the lady what does!!!!! Horrid horrid disease for everyone involved Image
Does anyone have a problem with nastiness or spitefullness from the person they care for who has dementia? If so how do you deal with it?
Can't help you with that but a 'friend' of mine said they either go happy or nasty - and he thinks my mother will go happy.