The Phone call

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Had a phone call today from a Glasgow police station who had my mother, apparently found wandering, asking people to lend her the money to get to a place in England where she used to live.
Does this mean the condition has progressed to another level?
The police found my phone number in her bag, she was brought there by a taxi driver who was concerned.
Not sure what stage of this condition she is at.
Hi Vicky,

I'd say that, yes, your Mum has progressed to another level - if she has started wandering then it really is time to consider a care home where she can be kept safe; once dementia patients start wandering off they usually keep it up - she would be a prime target for any unscrupulous type of low life; it's a blessing she was found by a kindly, right thinking cabbie.

I don't have the fear of my Mum wandering (although she's always on about 'going home') because she has such limited mobility - she can't get to the end of our garden path without assistance, but I still lock all the outside doors and hide the keys when we go to bed - just in case !
Thanks Susie, it's all being played down now, still being told that the doctors have said she does NOT have dementia and is just confused, she is attending a clinic though that is specific to mental health problems for people over 65. I will phone tomorrow but not hopeful that anyone will reveal information about a patient, even to a close relative.