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For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
My sister moved in with her new man a couple of years ago. He's maybe 15 years older than she is, in his mid 60's, but a really nice guy. I have however noticed that he is repeating a lot of his stories, and seems unaware of this. Could this be an early sign of dementia, or do we all repeat ourselves as we get older?
If he's repeating them on the same day, it's more of a worry than repeating the same story the next time he sees you several months later.

Signs of Dementia
Could be Rob, but only a formal assessment by a Geriatric Pyschiatrist will tell for sure. Having said that a lot of people without dementia do repeat themselves - myself included (!) - because they've simply forgotten who they've already told the story too Image
Hmm .. shame someone cant develop an online tool for self-assessment in borderline cases, I mean presumably these psychs are working to a script of some kind. I dont trust shrinks assessments much anyway, two psychs rarely agree with each others opinion, and as there arent any objective physical signs I suspect a lot of diagnosis is pseudo-science. Now, I was going to say something else, but I've forgotten what it was so I'll finish. Image Image
Hi Rob,

I think we all become a little repetitive as we age but with dementia (remembering my late Gran), there is a difference.

Nana used to complain about hearing problems in the early days and would appear quite eccentric but again, there was nothing indicating that she had early Alzheimer's at that point. It could have been too many other conditions or just the usual side effects of advancing age.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this (or remembers noticing this) but I seem to remember the expression in Nana's eyes changed. Not exactly as though the life had disappeared but.. I don't know.. I can't describe it.

You are right about psychs coming up with different dxs too. One described my Grandmother as suffering from depression and grief from my sister's passing. The other, from memory, suspected Alzheimer's. Also, Nana would always pass the memory testing in the early days.

Overall, it's best to keep an eye on the situation Rob, that's what I'd do.

Hope this helps.

Hi Sezzie, you're right about the eyes.
Hubby looks unfocused, as if he's not seeing things or not registering them.
Excalibur, there is an online quiz thing somewhere (I look on that many sites can't remember which it is), I'll have another look and get back to you. Never tried it myself, don't want to know.
take care
Excalibur, the test is called MMSE. Google it and all sorts of things come up on different sites