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How to organise respite care - Carers UK Forum

How to organise respite care

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
My mother lives with me my husbánd, son and daughter. She has been with us now for 6 months and our life , well my life, is on hold! Day to day we do fine but as a family we never get the opportunity to do anything together without her. I am wanting for us all to go away together without my mum in February next year. Before I book it I need to be sure of respite care. How does one organise this?
A lot will depend on where you live and your financial situation.

If you can afford to fund it yourselves then you need to get started now - respite places in good care homes are rarer than hen's teeth as many on here will testify to ! Your local Social Services (often called Adult Services now) will have a list of all care homes in your area, otherwise it's a case of resorting to Yellow Pages and/or the internet. Once you've got a list of homes that seem suitable you should check their CQC (Care Quality Commission) rating - have a look here http://www.cqc.org.uk/ . Once you've narrowed your list down - start visiting the homes you are interested in. It is advisable not to book any holiday until you have secured a respite place - try and do it the other way round and you'll end up tearing your hair out.

If you cannot afford to fund it and depending on what savings Mum has you should approach Social Services and see what they can/are willing to offer. You'll probably need to get your GP/Mum's GP on side as well.

There is a third option available - do you have other family who could have Mum to stay or who might be willing to stay with Mum for the duration of your holiday ? Those of us who have been down the respite care route in the past have often found an inbuilt resistance from our caree to the very idea of staying in a care home for any period of time - whether it be just for a weekend or a fortnight.