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Lets get the world Talking - Carers UK Forum

Lets get the world Talking

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Lets get the whole world Talking about Early diagnosis of Dementia, i have asked this question around the world, today Mon Jan 2nd 2012, i will post as many answers as i can on the "F/Book Dementia Aware" page in the next few days xxxxxxx

Please Share With ALL you know

After my New years meassage when i talked about Early diagnosis of Dementia and the symptoms to watch out for, can you please talk to each other and explain when you first noticed things werent quite right and what the early warning signs of Dementia are? Some people i have met over the holiday period seem to be of the understanding that most people with this disease are in late stages, but as i talked about, it has to start somewhere, and talking about it and discussing it will hopefully inform those who dont know what to look out for and help them in the future, thank you for your participation. I will let you know what alerted Elaine later in the discussion, all my love Norrms and family xxxxxxx
Hi Norrms Image

For us, with hindsight, it started about 8 years ago when Mum started to get confused about the days of the week - she'd ring me at work midweek and ask why I hadn't arrived for Sunday lunch; or I'd arrive on a Sunday to be greeted with "Why aren't you at work ?". She would frequently go out without her keys and then have to ring me at work to come and collect her and take her home from wherever she was (luckily I had very understanding employers Image ).

Then 7 years ago she had the first of two knee operations and after the operation was very confused and paranoid, telling the nurses to "Get out of my home, I didn't ask you to come in" - which was so not like her. At the time we thought it was the pain medication but looking back now it was another sign of what was to come.

From then until she was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimers in January 2007 it was a case of gradual deterioration - getting food out of the freezer and then forgetting to cook it; putting a meal in the oven and then forgetting it was there until she smelt it burning; forgetting to wash; becoming verbally aggresive with family and acting 'out of character' in other ways too.

5 years on she has no short term memory and very little long term memory - she now lives 'in the moment' although she doesn't understand why she can't live on her own any longer (after nearly blowing up the kitchen in August this year it was finally decided that she would be safer/happier living in residential care). Frequently she doesn't recognise us (especially me who was always the closest to her) and is still convinced that her parents, sisters and husband are all alive (sadly no longer the case). But, for the most part, she is reasonably happy and content and well looked after.
a lot of us know about early diagnosis and early onset dementia,but it seems the dwp and tax credits don't ie when tax credits stop when children too old i have to work 30 hours to get working tax credit because the disabled person if no children on claim is only entitled to it if working 16 hours,but while kids on claim i can get it for 16 hours work,i can only work realistically 16 hours and get carers allowance,how is caring for a woman of 41 with az different to leaving kids on their own,i'm sick of hearing the over 50 rule quoted to me whatever that may be,i can't pay my kids out of direct payments to look after wife even though i'm never going to get away with bringing outside help in because the wife is scared i will put her in a home and just scared of what's happening to her,scared to sleep,scared to go out etc,the government aint got a clue how the life of a carer of 44,caring for is 41 year old wife is,az legally is an old persons disease and if you don't fit in the box you're stuffed,so this topic should read "lets get the world talking to the government and hopefully they listen"