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"Strain of caring" - Carers UK Forum

"Strain of caring"

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Image Image So very sad to have read this story and the judgement that followed.
I reached breaking point on many occasion while caring for mum who had dementia, but never in my wildest dreams could I have ended her life!
'It was an unlawful act carried out by a man who had temporarily lost his self control and killed a woman he had loved for many years" .

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z1jOQeLqNK

I need time to evaluate what I have just read.
Read between the lines .
my wife is 41 with alzheimers,you see the person you love slipping away from you day by day and know where it's going,so i can understand is anger and frustration,i went to the wife's outpatients appointment for az yesterday and the consultant told me i needed to calm down and accept the condition because it's making me ill,how?,i would never hurt her i love her but life is cruel.1 argument in this chaps defence is the woman he strangled was just a replacement of his wife that was created by this horrible disease,a stranger,but it's the difference between walking away when your kids are screaming as babies,regrouping then sorting them out and the cases of child abuse,most people cope but there will always be cases of those that don't
Malc, it's easy to accept when it isn't someone you love. Sometimes the professionals kind of forget that.
thankyou charles,i took on the police when the mother in law stitched me up and fixed that problem and proved it to be a false allegation,took on social services when my own evil mother told lies about the way the wife and i treated our children and proved that to be lies,moved the family 100 mile away from the hassle and set up a new life in lincolnshire and stopped us losing our home and being bankrupt,i fixed all those problems to be hit by one i can't fix and that's hard,it's as if the alzheimers as came along and said malc you've wasted your time have this has a booby prize.