Stalking by mother with dementia

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi Bowlingbun. Mum has only been in the cottage since May on discharge from hospital after breaking her hip. It would appear that she had a completely different expectation which seems to have been to move in with my sister (which isn't ever going to happen).

I've discovered I can log in on my mobile but not on my laptop.
Sarah, hope you can keep your sister to that! ie, don't let the SW/medics whatever say 'Oh, if it's a safeguarding issue, then all she has to do is move in with YOU and she'll be safe - Byeeeeee'!

Re the log in - don't try and hit 'reply' on a post, as that usually tells you you are not allowed to reply (!). You may have more success if you go to the top right hand corner of the screen, and use the log in there.

Not sure why, but the log in there seems to use the 'old' log in - ie, looks like it did before the recent revamp - whereas logging in at the end of a post has a different 'look' to it, and never seems to work!

If you draw a complete blank, you could try re-rgistering as Sarah v. 2 or something!
Where was mum living before?
Does she still own the property?
Could she move back there?
Bingo - top right hand login worked. Thanks for the tip.

Dad had sold their house in the South West in 2015 and they moved to Somerset to rent in a town with the proceeds. It was expensive and too big and still a long way from most other relatives. We gave notice just before Mum moved North so not available now.

Mum seems to have settled down a bit and is behaving better. She hasn't been night prowling since her last meeting with her doctor who has noted down all the concerns being raised. Some of Mum's acquaintances have even said she is happy though we never get to hear that personally :)
Well that sounds a definite improvement! Let's hope it stays that way.

And let's hope that any 'prowling' done on Christmas Eve is by a big jolly man with a sack full of pressies. :) :)

Have a better Christmas than you might have had otherwise - KR, Jenny