Severely mentally inpairment council tax exemption

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
I put in for the smi for my dad who has been diagnosed with vascular dementia the hospital told us what we can claim,he got high rate attendance allowance and had an outcome in three weeks,yesterday dad had a letter from the council to say he is not severely mentally impaired this is because his GP has said he is not,I rang his Drs up and I had to put a complaint in and also dad signed a letter to say I can speak on his behalf I took both letters to the GP with the council tax letter I explained what was going on and no one was listening to me all I told them to cut it short he meets the criteria the receptionist got his notes up and said it was such a dr but another lady heard and was talking to her I said I don't know who you are so she said I am a dr I said the named dr and she said that's me so she heard the whole conversation she said she signed the form yet the dr on form different name and dad has seen this GP once this year so am confused this dr who did the form told my dad weeks ago when he mentioned the form not to worry and claim what you can with a thumbs up well she said she never said that by this time I was loosing my rag this GP said maybe few years then yes she said but now no and was going on to what he can do,the form does not ask what he can or can't do I re told her the criteria and she was not interested,I phoned memory service explained what was going on so was told to re do the form and put Drs name and address who diagnosed my dad I have emailed the council also but due to holidays not open as there is no advice how to appeal, so yesterday two letters sent confrontation with dads GP emailed MP and Alzheimer's society this left my dad ever so stressed and confused.
Tracie, stop winding yourself up too.
If you have a diagnosis of dementia you have a severe mental impairment, and are entitled to the council tax exemption. It can be backdated to the date of diagnosis, so there is no need to hurry, unlike other benefits.
Very often, doctor's don't understand the benefit system either.
What you need is a letter or evidence from the hospital, then send it to the council.
I am fine,it was how I was spoke to feel better knowing that he can claim and I know as had to do it for both father and mother inlaw,I will follow council with a call next week to see what can be done other than that a new form and his consultant will do it.
You've had a dreadfully tough year this year, I do hope 2018 gives you some peace.
Thanks but can't see it dad has dementia so does mother inlaw dad not the issue as he has mum more worried about no care for mother inlaw and am ill myself no one listens,professionals say they support people that care for someone I have not had one bit of help,I looked after father inlaw till he went into a home doing same for mother inlaw and I am supporting my parents.DAds dr finally rang well the manager she said she can't say if dad is smi and my complaint is with the other Drs not holding out for a reply I will be satisfied with but we shall see,trust are not interested either.
Finlay being sorted out
Thank goodness Tracie, you've had much too much to deal with in recent years.
Well done Tracie for your perseverance throughout .
It's still being sorted out,I have had a letter from my dads GP she went on the basis of what he can and can't do she wrote to dads consultant who diagnosed him and he states my dad has a smi due to having vascular dementia,the GP said she will inform council tax to clear this matter up,on a good note I have made a small change because the Drs had a meeting to discuss my complaint they now know what smi is and have changed the practice policy that future forms will be filled in for others.
Great. I always think that the money saved can go a long way towards paying for care desperately needed. Feel proud of yourself, because many other patients of that surgery can now be helped, especially as the doctors now know.