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Self funder in care home with dwindling savings - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Self funder in care home with dwindling savings

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
You most certainly DO NOT stand back "impassive and disnterested".Instead you have to become passionate , dedicated and assertive to make sure Mums rights and her and your finances are protected

The difference between what the Council will pay, and what the Home wants is now entirely a matter between them, assuming Mum is now below the magic £23,250 figure.

Do NOT agree to a top up. Read page 24 of the document from age UK linked above.

In London, the council will not be able to find a Home that costs their figure and you have good arguements to put why Mum should remain there. Both the Council and the Home know this and between them will keep playing on your conscience ( and good will and ignorance of the system) to get what they can out of you. Do NOT let them

Think of it this way, for every week Mum has been there she has been subsiding a Council funded person by £400 a week. For all her life she and Dad paid their taxes and NI exactly for this reason, to now be helped when she needs it She has already paid more than most.

(I speak as one with a self funding parent, but we are lucky, her fees are still being met from income, her home rents for huge sum)

You are a kind and loving daughter, don't go impoverishing yourself. Even £300 a week top up amounts to £78,000 over 5 years. My Mum is 96 and by no means the youngest in her Home. My neighbours husband spent 15 years in a care home with sever dementia. How long may your Mum have? No one knows, but you have to be careful what you sign up for, your daughter needs you and your money more

Diane_1605123 wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:34 pm
Yes, thank you for posting link to fact sheet. I have read it.

Mum simply needs physical help, prompting and reassurance. She has no nursing needs so would not qualify.
Are you talking about the Age UK fact sheet 10? That covers all care, not just nursing. Tomorrow, make a coffee, take 30 minutes and read and re-read it again It will save you thousands
You also need to be aware that there is a considerable difference between what a residential home can charge a self-funder and what it will be paid by the local authority - for exactly the same room!

It's now generally accepted that self-funders pay a premium of around 30% which is used by the care home to subsidise the very low rates they receive for LA-funded residents.
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In mum's home she paid about £1,000 but the CHC rate was about £700.
There was a notice in the Nurses Station that said the only difference was that self funders had fresh towels every day!!!!
Diane I do understand how you feel. My Mum has been in a lovely care home for 16 months and they are superb. Prior to that she was in another place for 10 months. We had to sell her home of 65 years to fund all this care and this money is rapidly diminishing as she had no other savings.

I dread to think what is going to happen when her money runs out as she is happy there and gets excellent care. She is nearly 95. She sounds similar to your Mum in that they reckon she doesn’t need nursing care.

My thoughts are with you and sorry I can’t offer any good tips.