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Oxygen therapy

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Help....mum is blind, has Parkinsons and dementia and now a consultant has decided she needs oxygen due to low levels at night (although she is never out of breath or has a cough) the machine was delivered today and as I type Im listening to the bloody thing huff and puff away in her neighbouring room. Trouble is I cant hear if she calls me now if she needs to get up in the night for a pee and she cant manage on her own....anyone else have this issue ? I used to use a baby intercom but that amplifies the noise and it sounds like the middle lane of the M1.....I have a feeling that the dementia/blindness is going to have take priority over the low oxygen and the machine might have to go....
Would Mum be able to press a button in the night? Could you get an electrician to rig up a push button alarm which rang and/or flashed lights in your room if Mum needed help?
I would think it would be fairly simple to someone who knew how to wire it up.
One of our carers suggested that we get a doorbell, perhaps you could try that as it doesn't require wiring and you can keep the ringer box with you, if for example you are downstairs and your mum is upstairs.
I got my mum a doorbell for when she was in bed and dad was around the house. He clipped the mobile ringer box to his trouser belt.
Yes, I've got a doorbell. The bit you ring goes where my brother can reach it. Then it has two bits that make the sound - one is mobile (never thought of Charles' idea to carry it around) and one is plugged in. Both are upstairs, one in my bedroom and one in my office. In our case, my brother doesn't think to use it. The only time he used it was when the cat brought a sparrow in. If you google 'wireless doorbell', you'll see several like that. You just need a caree who is going to use it.
You all are amazing....never thought of that am on the case right now x x