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round and round in circles

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Following a series of small strokes my mother now has hallucinations and memory problems , there are good days and bad days , but essentially she is reluctant to go to the doctors. My brother , her full time and registered carer has been to the gp , and discussed her situation and these issues at length.The answer from the gp is that unless she consents to anything there is nothing he can do.this is our problem , we are going round and round in circles going nowhere , has anyone else been in this situation ? any tips on taking this forward .thank you for reading
Hiya John and welcome..... My Dad had a full blown brain bleed in 2003 and I gave up my paid employment in order that I could assist my Mum in caring for him so he could stay at home - 10 years down the line the stress of looking after a severely disabled Man has really taken it's toll and both me and Mum. Mum's memory is dreadful and I too have had Doctors opinions galore..... They say Mum isn't suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's but severe short term memory loss caused by depression due to severe stress and I have had exactly the same results as yourself, they say as she cannot be diagnosed as not being of sound mind whatever she says they have to go by regardless of how hard it is for me as the now main carer for both of them - not much constructive help I'm afraid but at least you know that there is someone else who knows how you feel - the more experienced folk on her will I'm sure be forthcoming with the constructive stuff xxxxxx
Hi, you need to have Power of Attorney to get anyone to listen.
If you get this registered it means your Mum has agreed to your/your brother dealing with everything, problem is would your Mum sign the forms?
Doc's, Social Workers etc are very very good at opting out.
Has anyone checked out the hallucinations? If you have vision loss due to a stroke, sometimes you get visual hallucinations from that - its called Charles Bonnet syndrome. Lots of people who get this dont want to go to a doctor as they think they are going mad.