hi not been on for a long while. can anyone help with my recent problem.
after soul searching i have agreed to place mum into residential care. i am the main carer for mum who has five children. i wanted mum to go to a care home near me so i could go visit anytime and to start respite now for the inevitable, all my siblings are quite happy as they know how close mum and me have been all apart from my sister who says it is too far for her to travel, the social worker says we all have to agree and the c.p.n says its wrong to take her out of her environment. she has been to this home before and knows two people very well the home is 36miles away from mums home. the doctor from the hospital says she is know longer capable of deciding for herself where she is going to live and social services will take it out of our hands if we cannot agree. i have a son who needs caring for i would not be able to visit both as often as i would like. can i refuse to place mum in a home until there is an available space which we might be able to fund privately of mums choice and mine, can mum refuse to go even if they takeover with their protection unit. at the moment i can cope with her at home with obtaining more repite care. i feel my feelings have not been taken into account, although i am the only one who has struggled to keep her at her own home with help and direct payments. anyone had similar problems