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Woman with dementia 'has benefits cut by Tories - Carers UK Forum

Woman with dementia 'has benefits cut by Tories

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
A woman with dementia once praised by former Prime Minister David Cameron has had her benefits stopped over claims that she can care for herself.

Joy Watson was forced to give up her job as a carer after she was diagnosed four years ago and is unable to manage her own medicine or cook because she forgets to turn off the gas.

The 58-year-old and her retired husband Tony are now struggling to pay their bills after the Department for Work and Pensions decided she was able to look after herself.
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http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/wo ... n-10983661
OMG. I feel the punch in the stomach they just must feel. Words fail me :shock:
They have been told it may be as late as next year before an appeal can be heard. Its madness.

How awful for them. I'm so sorry and upset to read this :(
I wonder of there is anything the Alzheimer Soc can do to help them ? A letter perhaps?
This is disgraceful to say the least; but I'm not surprised at all!

What angers me is that there are some very unscrupulous people out these who seem to get it all!

This government has a lot to answer for, for what they are doing to genuine people with disabilities but the good always suffer for the bad my Mother used to say and how right she was.

I know a woman who had letters of her Doctor to confirm her disability and how it affected her and a letter off her family support worker who knew the family well and knew the difficulties they faced due to the disability but they appear to have ignored all of that and took note of an assessor who is there for the most part of an hour and doesn't know the woman like her Dr or family support worker? How can this be right!

I hope that there is someone out there who can help this family.
Hardly surprising. Tories don't care about the poor. Nothing they do to the poor ever affects their own.
We carers are like the mill workers of the 19th century - we are working for nothing whilst shareholders of the care and care home racket profit from the elderleys hard earned savings, property and pensions. They are the worst thieves ever! When we need that care ourselves there will be nothing for us - some of us have little or no pension, specially those who stop working to care. The NHS won't be free anymore and the care home businesses will shut up shop - moving onto something more lucrative, like workhouses perhaps.
Rise Up!!
It is appalling. All this must stop. The most vulnerable and weakest in our society suffer under the nasty party.

In my mother's local authority they have closed down a care home in favor of a luxury care home for the rich with caviar on the menu. Meanwhile they now have a policy of socially cleansing the elderly council tenants in need of care homes out of the area far away from loved ones.

Things must change!
i dont want to get into a political argument as they usually get closed down anyway BUT can I remind people that it was the Labour Govt who first started forcing people to sell their homes when they went into care, just as it was Labour who decided to charge people for hospital parking, just as it was Labour who passed law to raise the state pension age for women to 66.