Power of attorney

For issues specific to caring for someone with dementia.
Hi - We have been with same care company for last 3 years but they have called today asking me to provide a copy of the power of attorney for there records.
My brother and me have joint POA. I’m in charge on the medical side with him second and he is charge on the financial side with me second. Has anyone else been asked to provide this to a care company ?
Hello Linda
My husband is in a nursing home. The manager has put a notice up asking everyone who has power of attorney to provide a copy for record's. I have court of Protection for my husband. I'm assuming she wants that too. Must be another ruling. Will try to find out.
When my Mum had home carers I had to show POA documents to the agency but Inhavent had to do so now she’s in care.
Linda, if you have POA then they can be open with you about any problems otherwise they are bound by "patient confidentiality" This is probably why they would like a copy.